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Box of Dread is DreadCentral's subscription that mails you horror-themed items every month.

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I ordered March 2016 Box of Dread because it is a Supernatural box. I got it today and almost cried that I wasted money on it. $20 plus shipping to get one Castiel Dorbz ($8), one pop funko mystery mini ($7.95), a rub on tattoo, and a comic book Monstrous (have no idea about this one). not re-ordering from the company again.
on 3/18/2016
I ordered one month from this subscription. I was very disappointed. The items that were sent are the type of items you get for free at a convention. Promos from horror movies, and the other items I received in this box was Vampirella comic book. If I wanted a comic book I would of ordered a NerdBlock subscription.
on 2/27/2015