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Bonjour Jolie is a time-of-the-month subscription box. In addition to your choice of pads/tampons, each box includes: A Special Gift, Bath and Body Pampering Items, Specialty Teas and Drinks, Artisan Confections, Feminine Wipes, and Advil. The box costs $16 a month and shipping is: $5 to the US, $10 to Canada, $16 Worldwide.

Listed in: Subscription Boxes for Women: A Complete List, Period Subscription Boxes

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Been a subscriber now for 3 years. I love this box, and I hate Canadian Shipping! Our customs office sucks and holds our boxes for days and days without any reason why! It isn't Bonjour Jolie's fault, I know cause I call my customs office and the people there are just being jerks. The past few months my box has taken forever to arrive, cause our Canadian Post Office workers have been threatening to strike and then striking so they aren't doing their jobs. Still I hate that! Bonjour Jolie does a great job on the shipping in spite of our CanadaPost being jerks. Back in December my tracking said my box was delivered, but I never got it. I emailed Bonjour Jolie and they sent me out a brand new box!! Low and behold my first box was accidently delivered to my neighbor by my incompetent post man, and then my neighbor was out of town, so last week I got my original box cause my neighbor gave ti to me!! I felt really bad so I emailed Bonjour Jolie about it, and they said No Worried, keep it or share it with a friend! Glad your box arrived none-the-less UM I am blown away by that! I really love the themed boxes! Each month the just seems to get better and better! They are all inclusive and have like a million allergies and stuff they can like sub out stuff for. They also have a Gender Neutral Box (I get that one!!) and a Trans Men box. They rock!!
on 1/24/2017
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I got my first box yesterday and I can say theres lots of stuffs in it and i love it! the only thing is there was one edible on the list that was not in my box. I hope in the next box all items are complete as per the packing list card given. Overall, im loving it.
on 1/6/2017
I subscribed for a little over a year. I'd say the retail value broke about even with the cost of the box. The items weren't terribly high quality but they were nice for what they were and were a nice surprise every month. I had really been enjoying the subscription until the problems started. I received a broken necklace in the October box and never received a November box at all (not even a tracking email to indicate it had been sent). It took a few emails before I got a reply from their customer service, but I was promised a replacement for both after they blamed their shipping service for the error. A week went by and I didn't receive anything and when I emailed them again to get the tracking number for the replacements, there was no reply. I sent a few more emails and finally requested they cancel my account and refund the November box. This was 4 days before their cancellation deadline...still no response. And then I was charged for a December box. Again, I sent more emails with no response but did get both the tracking email and the actual December box. I finally had to send an email telling them I was going to dispute the November charge and report them to the Better Business Bureau if they did not refund November and cancel my account within 2 business days. I received an email from them within a few hours. This is after weeks of ignored emails on their part, smh. They complied with the refund and cancellation, but also claimed they had responded to my previous emails in a manner that wasn't quite rude but was leaning in that direction. The ignored emails and poor customer service really killed it for me. I would never re-subscribe.
on 12/20/2016
Dsc 0413
Disappointing! I have subscribed a 1/2 dozen times off and on over the last 3yrs. The issue I end up having tends to be that I do not get the period products in my profile, and end up getting some other random items that I will not use, to close to my monthly to do anything but run to the store and buy my own. Don't get me wrong, they supply a nice product but with an average of 50% of my orders having completely the wrong products it becomes disheartening since they are actually not providing the service that they tout(don't have to goto the store, well every other month that is exactly what I have to do do to imporper items). Trying to cancel, have been trying to do so for about 10days now and have not heard a peep back. They already rebilled me for another 3mo, so I guess I am on the hook for 3 more months(the last 3 I got only 1 box that was what I ordered, the other 2 were nonsense!)... Would not suggest this company. If they don't respond soon I will be filing case with BBB and putting a block on my CC for this company
on 12/7/2016
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So far, I am not impressed at all. This is my second time subscribing to this service. The first time I signed up for a 6 month subscription and it took forever to receive all boxes. I thought maybe because I lived in a rural community in Ontario that it was the reason for late delivery or no delivery. Once I moved into the City I decided to try it out again. I signed up in July, 2016 for the second time. I have received one box so far, customer support is not very helpful and sometimes rude with replies. I have tried to get a refund with no reply, I have tried to get substitute boxes shipped with multiple e-mails I finally received a reply and it was rude and they stated they are closed for holidays and weekends and that is why they took so long to reply. I e-mailed them during business hours Monday , Wednesday and Friday and did not get my response until the following week. Just not impressed with this company at all!!
on 11/22/2016
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They have been doing awesome with their themes lately. Really just hitting it spot on! I am in love every month! Plus they do a lot of volunteer work and give back, so I really like that part of the company too. Their boxes are so convenient for me and like its my birthday, every month!!
on 9/21/2016
I received my 1st box today and wow! If I could figure out how to remove it review from yesterday, I would. They sure have set the bar of expectations high. I am thrilled with this box despite the bumpy start. Hopefully, they can keep this up. I look forward to my next box even though that signals the start of my aunt flows visit.
on 6/24/2016
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So far, I'm not impressed. My first attempt to sign up for this box was flawed by a website issue. I contacted customer service and was told to "try using another platform". (No offer to help via email or phone call). I did finally sign up on a different device, payment was accepted and I received an email saying my order would be shipped out in 5-10 business days. Today is the close of business on the 10th business day (6pm MST) and I still have not heard anything else. Am i suppose to assume my box is now lumped in with the 25th'S mail outs (my selection for "all future" boxes)? Am I suppose to assume since today is a Thursday that it won't be mailed until next week? Communication with this company is purely one way, and based on my experience and the other posts I have read, they really don't understand "customer service" or why they need that department.
on 6/23/2016
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I've received two boxes now and I'm just loving it! The jewelry that comes with it, I'm eh. I'm not really a jewelry person. Last month was a bracelet made from paper by a woman in a 3rd world country which was cool. This month was a live pressed flower which was very cool. Last month's surprise though, the note that tells you everything that's in the box, was plant-able! Put it in dirt and water it and it grows! They had embedded wildflower seeds in it! Love that! I love the large amount of snacks included and the regular size boxes of tampons. Though I don't use up an entire box so I'm going to have to start donating my boxes here shortly. :) So I guess there's a plus there. Last month the tea was just some tea bags, this month though, blooming tea! As in the tea blooms into flowers in your cup! Seriously a great box. Makes THAT time more bearable. Yes, I can save my money and go to the store, but honestly, when you have cramps and a you REALLY want to go to a store??
on 5/27/2016
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If it was maybe a month ago I would have put a good review on here but now I have just cancelled the box and got a sarcastic response from Bonjour Jolie. I have gotten maybe three boxes now. I had switched over to Bonjour Jolie because I saw good reviews for it. The last box I was getting for pads and such was the period box and I was hoping to switch to something that gave me a better value and was more enjoyable to get. The other only came with one "treat" and I have a big sweet tooth and wanted more. bonjour Jolie did come with more sweets and treats. I recall getting hot chocolate mixes, packaged cookies, and chocolates for the December box. One box came with apple cider mixes and a package of dried apples, and chocolates. I may be mixing these up though. It comes with jewelry which is really not impressive by any means. I believe one was a wooden bracelet for charity which is fine but not for me. I may give it as a present. The other one that I remember is a little cheap necklace with one "jewel like diamond" thing. It is suppose to come with a pamper product and in the first box I got I was very impressed. I got a polish scrub that was pumpkin smelling and it was nice for the shower. The other one I got in the most recent box was a tealight candle holder and I was not impressed with it. I decided that the box really wasn't worth the 21 dollars a month. To cancel this box you have to email the support email which i find a bit odd. Most subscriptions that I have had, I could just go into the website and cancel it. I got an email the next day and got a sarcastic response about how she was sorry that I did not think that the tealight candle holder that was made from an elementary school for charity was worth it. I appreciate them doing things for good causes but not throwing it in my face when I try to cancel the box because I feel the value is not worth it. I could buy more chocolates and pads than what I get from this box. The jewelry and such are not worth it. Also the pads for this site are by choice. Either you can simply pick one box of pads or tampons or liners or you can pick up to, I want to say, 25 things. I put a certain amount of things all the way to the max and ended up being skimped a few pads. i know its not much but If you say I will get up to a certain amount of pads and liners, than I expect it each month. I will say that I did not have a problem with shipping or charges (well I did just cancel so i am expecting to not be charged again). I wish that shipping could be more customized by a certain amount of days like the period box because almost nobody's period is exactly a month away but it works out I suppose.
on 1/20/2016