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Bonding Bees is a subscription box delivering a date night to your door every month. Enjoy a fun, new experience together and fall in love over and over. If you love new experiences and surprise date nights then this box is for you. We know that you are busy with a million other things to plan a fun date night on your own. That's why we do it for you!

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after being in a relationship so long we kind of lost a spark and got into the same routine. each bonding bees box has given us many laughs and a chance to do something new! we love them!
on 5/18/2018
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We've been getting these boxes for a few months and always have a great time. You can tell they put a lot of thought behind them. The recent month was our favorite. It included an Escape Room, DIY funnel cake, custom pillow cases, and more. We look forward to this every month and it helps us keep date nights on the calendar.
on 5/16/2018
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The value of these boxes is pretty low for the price, and the quality of the items isn't anything to write home about. I like that the boxes provide ideas for a themed date night, but just not super impressed. I was able to get a discount on my first box but canceled afterward. In order to cancel you have to call their customer service. Nobody picked up, so I left a voicemail, and I received an email later that day confirming that they had canceled my subscription. Not the easiest way to cancel but I guess it wasn't the hardest, either.
on 4/18/2018