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Bombfell is a men's monthly clothing stylist subscription service. Every item they send has been handpicked for you by a stylist based on your preferences and sizes. You have 10 days to try on and decide what to keep. You pay only for the items you keep, which have an average $89.99 price point according to Bombfell.

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They send great clothes and I always have friends comment asking where did I get that when I wear them. Great value!
on 10/10/2019
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Bombfell is absolutely outstanding!!! Love the clothes, and definitely love the service!! The stylist are great, and pleasant to deal with, never pushy, and always there to help. I would highly recommend Bombfell to anyone looking to step up their style. Tony
on 10/9/2019
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Nice service, trying it out for the first time. Selection of items is a little limited but the quality of the clothes is great.
on 9/19/2019
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Bombfell is a great, easy service. Wide selection of clothes and fits with good quality. Bombfell customer service is very responsive. The service is easy and I love it.
on 9/18/2019
Can't say enough good things about my first impressions of Bombfell. Not only is it easy to navigate, but the stylists are responsive and the customer service is about as good as it gets. If more companies functioned as well as Bombfell, the world would be a better place.
on 8/19/2019
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This is a fantastic service. They have allowed me to go outside my normal comfort zone and explore a new side To my style with no worries. I highly recommend goving them a try.
on 8/5/2019
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I just strayed and was really pleased with the selection of clothes and the fit. The quality is very good. Bombfell customer service is very responsive. The service is easy and I love it
on 7/28/2019
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I just started with Bombfell, but already love it. They have great brands, great styles and amazing customer service, all for very reasonable pricing. I've tried other subscription services, but I can already tell Bombfell is going to be a quick favorite!!
on 7/15/2019
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I had been looking to branch out from wearing grays and blues every day and found Bombfell. After sending in preference and sizing info, I get a box every month with a selection of items. Not all of them work (I can be particular) but the Bombfell return process is no-muss, no fuss. And they've sent me a couple items that are now favorites in my wardrobe. No more grays and blues....strike that - less grays and blues.
on 7/11/2019
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I have been a Bombfell member for going on three years and I have to admit the clothes are great, the stylists are awesome and they customer service is top notch. Given the fact that you can set your own price range on items, it is a no brainer for those individuals that find it hard to get to a mall/store to purchase new clothes. Nothing like have Christmas delivered to your door every month.
on 7/10/2019