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Bolzano is a monthly women’s accessory brand that prides itself on high-quality handcrafted handbags which are made in a variety of materials including leather, vegan leather, and canvas. They offer a Purse only subscription as well as a Purse and Accessories subscription.

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Pay very close attention to your bank statements if you sub with this. Very shady things going on. I was chatting with them on messenger and they asked if I wanted to add the $10 add-ons (purse size extras) and I said sure ill try it out! After that every few weeks I kept getting charged. Its only a monthly sub! Why am i getting charged so much I asked them on messenger and I got absolutely NO response. I sent them an email to cancel EVERYTHING. A few weeks later they hit me up on messenger about a sale or something and i was shocked! And I responded that way and their like..."I thought we resolved that issue!" They also took money out of my account again twice after I told them to cancel. They did refund it to me but I have yet to sit down and add up all the charges and compare them to how many actual items I received from them. I have a feeling that it won't balance out. Be careful, my spidy sense tells me somethings off with this one. 🕷🕸
on 7/18/2019