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The monthly subscription service for everyone with a bead addiction has arrived, delivering a surprise themed selection of beads directly to you every month!

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January 9, 2017
My family subscribes to about 6 boxes monthly - something for everyone and i never do reviews. however I felt compelled to review this box online.... I purchased this box right afyer thanksgiving for christmas gift for my mother in law. I purchased a monthly subscription as well as a past box. My payment was declined due to my banks international purchase policy. Not the company's fault, but a hassle nonetheless and the first time I've run across this, even though I subscribe to two different boxes that come from japan. I had to call my bank and request a 24 hr waiver to allow an international purchase. 2nd - I received email confirmation that my box had shipped, but I only received the past crate... that's fine. I emailed and they were shipping separately. I was given an estimate on when the December box would ship. A couple days before christmas, my box did not arrive. I emailed and was assured the box should be here before christmas as it was mailed on 12/12. At this point I had to go out and buy another gift since I was not confident the box would arrive in time. On 12/29 I still did not receive my box. I emailed again - I asked for a refund or a new box. I was told this happens from time to time and I would get a new box if I wanted and to keep the old one if it came. I decided to give it another chance and asked for them to process for january. Called the bank and requested international purchase waiver, but my account wasn't charged within the waiver time frame and was declined again. Ugh. So, it's 1/9 and still.... no december box, no refund, and no response from my last email 7 days ago asking for confirmation a new box was sent. Cancelled subscription this AM and asked again for confirmation December box was sent. With ALL THAT being said, the beads are really beautiful, nicely themed and curated. My mother in law loved the past box she received and was looking forward to others. Now I see the December box was winter solstice I'm even more disappointed as my mother in law is Wiccan and she would've loved these. Unfortunate :(
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February 27, 2015
I love this box so far! The curation of the themes each month is excellent. I've gotten one monthly box, and purchased a previous month's box. Each month there's a challenge that you use a certain item from the box and submit the creation to the Facebook page. The box is $22 and it ships from Canada for $5, totaling $27. I highly recommend this box for other crafty jewelers!
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