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Blue Apron is a meal delivery service dedicated to farm-fresh produce, hormone-free meat, and sustainable seafood. Every week, they'll send you recipes and fresh ingredients to make 3 different meals. Best of all, everything is perfectly proportioned, to make cooking simple.

Blue Apron offers two plans to choose from:
2-Person Plan ($59.94): 3 recipes per week, portioned for two people
Family Plan ($69.92): 4 recipes per week, portioned for a family of 4

Blue Apron offers vegetarian meal kits, too. If you like the Blue Apron meal service, check out their wine subscription plan, too!

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    What is Blue Apron & how does it work?

  • Blue Apron (starting at $47.95 per month) is one of the best meal kit subscription boxes, according to our readers. Like other meal kits, Blue Apron sends members the pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions they need to cook up to four restaurant-quality recipes each week. Unlike the others, we find that Blue Apron recipes have a slightly more “foodie” feel, with globally inspired touches and clever combinations. Blue Apron is also up front about their commitment to sustainability and supporting a healthier food system. You can read about Blue Apron’s mission here.

    We appreciate how flexible Blue Apron is—you can set preferences for what you get or handpick your recipes week to week, you can schedule deliveries in a way that’s convenient for you, and you can skip deliveries if you’re busy or out of town. (The Blue Apron app makes this process easier.) You can also switch up your plan (the number or pre-set type of meals you signed up for) from inside your account.

    Blue Apron boxes come chilled and insulated, so that the meats and produce inside stay fresh in transit. Just pop everything in your fridge within a few hours of your box being delivered. (In our experience, ingredients stay recipe-ready for at least a week after they’re unpacked.) And because everything is pre-portioned, you’ll only get as much of an ingredient as you need to make the recipes you picked that week.

    Blue Apron does expect you to have a few staples on hand—usually salt, pepper, olive oil, and water—as these common ingredients get used recipe after recipe. You’ll also need a few common kitchen items, such as pots and pans, a baking sheet, mixing bowls, a colander, and tools like a chef’s knife and basic utensils. (Note that you can always read recipes in full before they ship, so you know everything you’ll need ahead of time.)

    How much does Blue Apron cost?

  • Blue Apron has several plans to pick from, starting at $47.99 per week:

    2-Serving Signature Plan:
    2 recipes per week (each recipe serves 2) = $47.95 + $7.99 shipping

    3 recipes per week (each recipe serves 2) = $59.94 + FREE shipping
    Includes meat & vegetarian-friendly recipes

    2-Serving Vegetarian Plan:
    2 recipes per week (each recipe serves 2) = $47.95 + $7.99 shipping
    3 recipes per week (each recipe serves 2) = $59.94 + FREE shipping
    Includes vegetarian-friendly recipes

    4-Serving Signature for 4 Plan:
    2 recipes per week (each recipe serves 4) = $71.92 + FREE shipping
    3 recipes per week (each recipe serves 4) = $95.88 + FREE shipping
    4 recipes per week (each recipe serves 4) = $119.84 + FREE shipping

    Check out our latest Blue Apron Coupons to find the latest deals for new subscribers.

    Note that members can switch between plans after signing up. If for instance, you’re signed up for the Vegetarian Plan but want to bring fish back into your diet, you can browse from the Signature Plan menu when picking your recipes for the week. (Just use the dropdown at the top of the “Upcoming” screen in your account.)

    Are Blue Apron recipes any good?

  • Our reviewers think so! We’ve reviewed Blue Apron since 2013, and we consistently enjoy their dishes. A few of our recent favorites include Crispy Chicken Schnitzel with Mashed Potatoes and Mustard-Dressed Kale, Korean-Style Beef and Spicy Mayo with Jasmine Rice and Snow Peas, Seared Steaks and Garlic Kale with Cheesy Roasted Potatoes, and One-Pan Udon Noodle Stir-Fry with Vegetables and Kombu. Check out our reviews above for more details!

    How can I see what’s on the current Blue Apron menu?

  • You can find the current Blue Apron menu here. Looking for a previous Blue Apron recipe? They’ve posted their entire “cookbook” online, too.

    Do you have a Blue Apron promo code or coupon?

  • Yes! Check our Blue Apron Coupons for the latest deal.

    How do I cancel Blue Apron?

  • To cancel your Blue Apron account, they recommend sending an email with the address your account is under to [email protected] From there, Blue Apron will follow up with these next steps:

    Log into your account.
    Go to your Account Settings page.
    Look for the Account Information section and choose Edit.
    Click the “Manage Status” link and follow the instructions to cancel. (They’ll likely ask you to note why you’re cancelling, and to confirm the cancellation once more.)

    You can also try the following link:

    Remember that you can always skip Blue Apron deliveries via the Upcoming section of your account up to five weeks ahead of time. That way, you can use the service when you want it, but not be charged when you don’t. (We just recommend setting a reminder for yourself, either on your calendar or in your planner, so you don’t miss the deadline for skipping!)


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Gbybybas 400x400
I got their special one off box for christmas dinner. I was amazing! I didn't need to run around getting food. It fed all 10 of us. And was so easy to make! Seriously, it was good food and saved me time. I will do it for Thanksgiving and Christmas next year! I got to enjoy my family and not slave around. It was awesome!
on 12/27/2018
Amanda butt pic 1
If you eat a lot or are big or tall or an athlete like me, you'll need the family pack unless you're just cooking for yourself (the meals tend to be about 600 calories). The family pack gives you 4 meals, so 1 went to my girlfriend, and I had 1.5, and then saved 1.5 for leftover meals another day. It's nice because I like nice meals every now and again, but when I do that the ingredients normally go bad because I don't use all of them, or they just sit around. Overall, the taste is fantastic, the price could be better but isn't bad, and I like the variety of options. So far so good.
on 1/26/2017
Img 537683
Words cannot express how much I adore this box!! The meals are always awesome!! (well once thy had this salmon salad thing that was horrid!! but I forgive them as everything else has been amazing!!) The food is always fresh and the recipes are super easy (my 15-year-old is learning to cook and it is an easy way to teach them without being all crazy it about it. I like that I get to pick the meals and we are adventurous eaters so having a new recipe or 6 every week id awesome!! They give plenty of food to fee the 3 of us too!! Highly recommend Blue Apron!!!
on 1/24/2017
No Photo
I have a subscription to Blue Apron, Home Chef, and Hello Fresh. Each have their pros and cons. Blue Apron + Great Recipes; Easy to follow + Prices are in line with Home Chef, $10 a portion + Menus are live 4-5 weeks in advance; plenty of time to make your meal plan - Everything is all lumped together. It's less wasteful package-wise, but it's less convenient for me. - There are only 6 meal choices per week, but not all meals are swappable. I order from them far less Blue Apron because of this reason.
on 8/16/2016
Received a free week back in December, and was reluctant to try it. But because of limited budget around the holidays and the fact that my husband and I work full time with 3 kids under age 7, i decided to sign up for the free week, and then opt out of week 2 until we tried it. Also, as a disclaimer, we are people who care more about quality than quantity/price when it comes to food, so I was very skeptical. I can now say that we have been ordering Blue Apron almost weekly since then (maybe missing 3-4 weeks in total). And it is August, so 7 full months. We have migrated from the meals for 2 to meals for 4, and my kids are starting to branch out from their picky toddler phase. We find the food quality very good, the recipes have mostly been a success, the variety is outstanding, and the customer service is the best I have seen. We have had a few weeks with some less than stellar ingredients, and we have gotten the entire week comped, and very quickly. As i read reviews of other subscription services where everyone says customer service is bad, I wanted to get it out there that Blue Apron has been a fabulous experience.
on 8/5/2016
My only complaint is that it's too hard to find weeks when I want to make and eat all of the meals. For example, if you choose the steak meal, then you can't pick two vegetarian dishes. You are kind of locked into picking either meat or vegetarian meals without being able to mix and match. This is annoying since there are some meats that my house doesn't eat, even though we're not vegetarians and do enjoy meat sometimes. Other than that, I think Blue Apron has a nice website (easy-to-use for planning purposes), and provides a decent value. The food is usually tasty, but a little bit complicated and time-consuming for novice chefs like me. So far, I like Blue Apron better than Hello Fresh (because Hello Fresh has forgotten ingredients and sent me expired produce a few times).
on 11/23/2015
I love this. My sister subscribed first and after 2 weeks they give you "free week" coupons to give friends so I got to try it for free. I'm doing the $60/wk, 3 meals for 2 people plan and while that may seem a little high, it is so worth it for us. I hate buying meat/produce (2 kids make it impossible to shop) so knowing that at least 3 days out of the week we'll have a healthy, fresh meal instead our usual pizza/frozen crud is a relief. We've been doing it for a month and have liked/loved every meal. We haven't had one yet that we didn't like. Highly recommended.
on 8/26/2015
I started this when I saw an ad on Facebook. I love this service! The food is amazing, and the cooking techniques I've learned are invaluable. I wish I knew this stuff 20 years ago! I am a big fan of eating out, now I'd rather cook. The meals are better than most restaurants, and not having to worry about what to make for dinner, grocery shopping, and throwing spoiled food out is outstanding.
on 8/10/2015
I think the concept is fantastic but have to admit that I haven't enjoyed the meals. I've ordered 2 boxes so far (6 different meals total) and they've tasted just ok. I'm bummed cause I want to like it, especially since the cooking cards are so easy to read with the step-by-step instructions with photos and the website is clean and easy to navigate.
on 7/2/2015
I had a coupon to try this service and I am glad I used it. It really makes cooking dinner easy and fun. I am a single person so I cook for dinner and have the second one for lunch. This really comes in handy when I am working form home. It is an easy button program: You just choose yes when you want them delivered or no the weeks you don't. The choices are pretty good and have something for a variety of dietary needs.
on 6/24/2015