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"Bling Module is Optimystical Studios’ new monthly subscription jewelry service. Each month you’ll receive a box with (1) Exclusive Module, (1) Coordinating Module, and (1) Surprise Module. The first month of each quarter you’ll also get (1) Core Module. Each Quarter the Bling Modules have a new Theme. So all your Modules from April, May, and June will go together. As a bonus, all of the Modules will have a bit of a nerdy vibe, so you can mix & match Modules between Quarters too! The Charm (Exclusive & Coordinating) Modules are made with small clasp attachments for a perfect mix of strength and creativity, allowing you to move charms as the whim strikes you, all with no tools. Bling Module is as low as $15+shipping/month. Shipping starts at $5 to the US. International shipping is dependent on shipping options chosen."

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