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Spoiler Alert! Birchbox January 2020 Sample Selection Time!

Birchbox is one of the original beauty sample subscription boxes. Each box costs $15 a month, or you can save more with longer subscriptions. Boxes typically include a variety of samples, deluxe size samples, and the occasional full size product curated around your beauty profile.

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    What is Birchbox & how does it work?

  • Birchbox ($15 per month) is a well-known beauty subscription box that sends you a mix of 5-6 sample-sized items each month. Items can include makeup, skincare, hair products, beauty tools—it’s all based on your preferences.

    When you sign up, you’ll fill out a profile, which Birchbox will use to pick products that match your interests. Each month, you’ll get to decide between a box of personalized samples (one of which YOU get to choose) or a “curated” box of samples determined by Birchbox. What’s inside the personalized box is a surprise (apart from the one sample you get to pick for yourself), but you’ll be able to see everything inside the curated box up front.

    Birchbox features new beauty brands as well as a slew of familiar names, including MAC, Benefit, Sunday Riley, Bobbi Brown, Oribe, Kiehl’s, Lipstick Queen, Living Proof, & more.

    Birchbox members can shop select full-size products as add-ons, which ship free AND earn you Loyalty Points. (You can also earn Loyalty Points by referring friends or purchasing gift subscriptions. Loyalty points can be redeemed on full-size items in the Birchbox shop.)

    How much does Birchbox cost? Do you have a Birchbox promo code?

  • Birchbox costs $15 per month. But you can save by paying up front for a longer subscription:

    - 6 month subscription = $84, or $14 per monthly box
    - 12 month subscription = $156, or $13 per monthly box

    Birchbox often has free gift offers for new members, plus store discounts, coupons, and promotions throughout the year. We’ve got the latest Birchbox promo codes here!

    What is Birchbox Man?

  • Birchbox Man ($10 per month) is a men’s grooming subscription from Birchbox! Subscribers get a monthly mix of 5 grooming and wellness samples, such as skincare, shaving, and supplement products from notable brands. As with the women’s subscription, everything is curated around the preferences set in your profile. And subscribers can find full-size versions of the men’s products they love in the Birchbox Grooming shop.

    Birchbox Man costs $10 for a month-to-month membership, but you can also save by paying up front for longer subscriptions. Get started here, or read our Birchbox Man reviews for more info!

    How do I get in touch with Birchbox customer service?

  • Birchbox customer service is available through e-mail, phone, or text. Check their support page for the latest contact information and hours.

    How do I cancel Birchbox?

  • You can cancel your Birchbox subscription from the Account Settings in your online account. Click the red “Cancel Subscription” link beneath the “Subscriptions” heading. Learn how to cancel your Birchbox subscription here.

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My girlfriend surprised me with a 12-month Birchbox Grooming subscription this year for Christmas. I was super stoked to start getting my stuff, but for over two weeks now I've tried and failed multiple times to get through to customer support. Every time I go to checkout I'm slapped with a 503 Error- which basically means their server is inaccessible. At first I chalked it up to server overload, happens around the holidays. Not a big deal. But two weeks? And after multiple emails sent to support I've heard nothing back. I would be less frustrated if they didn't already have my girlfriend's money. She paid over $100 on a thoughtful gift, when all we've gotten is a cardboard gift card in the mail. I'm supremely frustrated, and do not recommend this service what so ever. Especially if you're gifting it to someone important. Spend your money at Target and just go ham on some beauty and grooming supplies there. Save you the headache and the $100. I can't recommend enough that you stay far away from this sub box.
on 1/7/2020
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At first I loved Birchbox it was my first sub box which I am now subscribed to every box you can think of . I have become so disappointed with them. Compared to literally every other box its terrible. I don’t even look for it in the mail anymore. My 6 month subscription is up I changed it so I get money added to my account rather than receive a box it’s that bad. They didn’t send my October box I had to hound them to get it and my add on . They charged me for nov before I even got October!! When I did receive the box not One was sealed and they all seemed as if they have been used and returned or something. So disappointed. After this last month I’m going to use my account balance to buy something nice and get far away from them.
on 12/9/2019
Me and my wife both ordered the Birchbox subscription with different settings and received the same little bitty 5 sample items in the box. $15 a month. Ridiculous. So my wife emailed them to let them know we weren’t happy and see what could be done. They expressed absolutely no concern or care what so ever. So I called. Same thing. So I requested my account canceled and the 2nd box refunded and stopped. ( they had charged me for my second box before even receiving the first!) they refused. Said I had to pay out the whole 6 months subscription. Said I wasn’t allowed to cancel my subscription at all no matter what, didn’t matter that we weren’t happy with the box. We have subscribed to most every box out there and this one is BY FAR WORST OF ALL OF THEM customer service is horrible and has no direct line to call them, products are cheap junk and value is non existent. Stay away.
on 12/4/2019
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Love Birchbox and Ipsy. The last few orders were not as good as the ones prior.Hope it improves.
on 11/6/2019
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love this company
on 7/29/2019
Hat pic
I am a recent sub box junkie, so naturally I had to try birchbox. I cancelled after my first month. The samples are quality, but not a single one was in line with my profile. Like they didn't even just at least TRY. I literally gave everything away! First sub box I have ever received that I couldn't use a single thing. It was worth it to me to discover the lips on lock set on their site, which I purchased and absolutely love, but I am not willing to pay $15 per month to receive a box of disappointment. Plus, $15 per month for itty bitty samples? No thanks. Not when I can get full size products from other subs for $5 more. Seriously. This isn't even comparable to ipsy glam bag, which is what I thought it would be similar to. I love my ipsy glam bags, they are at least fun and mostly aligned with my preferences, and are a way better value with ACTUAL deluxe samples. I would say birchbox is more on par with the $5 walmart box (and I would still rather get the walmart box).
on 7/4/2019
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Got this as a gift for my preteen daughter. Perfect! She loves it!
on 6/30/2019
Don't get involved. Tiny little samples that would be free at stores. And you cannot cancel without jumping through enough hoops to take you into the next month, which you are then charged for. Literally no place on the site to cancel your subscription.
on 5/21/2019
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At first I loved Birchbox, they were great! Their points system was great! Their customer service was great! Roll around 4 yrs later, THEY SUCK HARD! Seriously, everything went downhill. No points system, garbage tiny samples, garbage customer service.
on 5/17/2019
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Birchbox is my first beauty box subscription. After just 4 months, I’m a Birchbox ACE. That’s how much I love the boxes and the products! HOWEVER - their customer service is the WORST! IDK how they’ve stayed in business so long. No Live Chat. No one answering a phone. No texting. Only email responses. They can take 72 hours or more to answer questions and will only respond until 6pm EST and not on weekends. You can set up a “telephone appointment” but good luck with that. I mean really. My daughter canceled her subscription yesterday. I’ve reached ACE level which means I’m supposed to have free shipping, $10 monthly boxes and communication responses within 24 hours. Well, supposed to...They overcharged me on shipping for a shop order. I’ve contacted them 4 times over a week’s time and NO ONE has responded. I’ve invested a lot of time and money so I’m not ready to cut the cord, but I’m actively shopping around for another subscription...
on 5/4/2019