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Birchbox Grooming (formerly Birchbox Man) is a monthly grooming and lifestyle subscription box service for men. Each box includes a mix of lifestyle items (wallets, socks, belts, etc), and grooming product samples.

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Received this for 6 months now. Have received the same duplicates several months in a row. Just received an email last week saying that they cannot send me box this month due to limited inventory, but they still charged my card. The website is terrible. Never had any issues with the other serive for woman, but I am very disappointed in Birchbox Man.
on 5/1/2019
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This birchbox man was a real disappointment. Super small size samples and the website looks and acts like it was designed in 2000. Needs some serious updating. Also, after at least 6 emails I got them to remove my credit card and other info off the site which I could not do manually myself after having already gotten my 3 months worth of junk and sent 3 other emails to cancel! I despise subs that won't let you remove your CC info! I give them negative one star. -0
on 3/26/2019
So I got my first Birchbox, and I have to say I was pretty disappointing. I received a 3-month subscription for fathers day and I was really excited about getting my first box. The site is great and easy to pick what I like and dont. And I was able to get the preview of the items in the box. The preview looked great, but the box itself was a let down. I guess I should have know better, but the preview page showed 5 items. I got 5 items, but 4 of the 5, well lets just say that the Cologne was a sample size I get in the mail or at Macy's as I walk though the store, body wash and eye creams were barely travel sizes and the hand lotion was a true travel size. The one thing that did not disappoint was the ICNY Packable Backpack. Thats pretty cool. But its like they spent ALL of the budget on the back packs (which retail at about $50) and the rest they just threw in a bunch of trial sizes. I mean I guess the value was good; a fifty dollar backpack for $20, but I have been left with a soft of sour taste in my mouth. Hopefully the last two months wont be such a let down.
on 6/24/2016
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I am very pleased about this subscription for my husband. I think their samples/trial sizes could be a little bit bigger like in the woman's boxes since it is more expensive. The higher end products that are in the boxes each month gives my husband a chance to try new things that makes you feel classier and more professional. We love this company and would recommend it to anyone!!
on 12/22/2015
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My friend was raving about the birch box for women and so I subscribed for it, but was put on a waiting list for months on end. Finally, when I was able to subscribe, I was disappointed to find that most of the contents were sample things I could probably get from a department store. Also because it was at a higher price than the women's, I unsubscribed right away.
on 4/7/2015
I love this box and look forward to it monthly. I do dress up for work and I enjoy almost all of the lifestyle items. Every 3 or 4 months I don't like the major item. It's worth it for me. I have found a ton of new favorites that I never would have tried and or found with out Birchbox Man. I am adventurous and try almost all of the samples.
on 11/30/2014
I tried this out for 3 months and my husband and boys were not too impressed.
on 9/28/2014
We just ended our year of this box. Going through the hubby's medicine chest and profile boxes. Everything he received was on the low end. Tons of sharing cream, which I use on my legs, since has a beard. Every month the same samples of billy jealousy moisturizer and history de parfumerie. All in all good for an experiment but we really just bought $200 bucks of tiny samples which are not curated as well as the women's boxes.
on 8/3/2014
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So far I like everything they have sent. It's preparing me for getting a little it older. I've got a couple pairs of fancy boxer briefs and socks, a super nice passport case and a few other misc items. Overall it's a nice mix of samples and I'm learning about a ton of cool brands. Remember people its a sampler box!
on 7/9/2014
I wish they had this type of Birchbox for women! I love the "lifestyle" gift in my boyfriend's boxes, I'm so jealous every month. He likes the samples, but this box is really best for urban/hip/professional young men. He's more of the rough outdoorsy type so many of the items get lost on him.
on 6/6/2014