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Bezel Box is a monthly jewelry subscription with several style options available. Their cheapest plan is the Mini for $24.99/month, while Cosmo, Boho, and Icon plans are $34.99/month.

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I got my first box and everything is so adorable, can't wait for the next one!!
on 4/14/2015
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No feedback?? I just got my first Bezel Box and am sooo impressed and happy! I'd never have purchased the necklace on my own -- it has these orange dangling things that look like CARROTS. Yea, not my style... I thought. It looks fantastic on me. The bracelet and 2 pair of earrings were great, too -- but I felt like one pair of earrings didn't match anything else in the lot. I know there's too much of a good thing, but I *almost* want a new box every 2 weeks!
on 2/19/2015