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Bestowed has been purchased by Urthbox. Bestowed is a monthly healthy snack subscription box aimed at helping you discover delicious, better-for-you products. Each month, you'll receive nutritionist-approved snacks, beverages, and personal care items.

Bestowed was created by Heather Bauer, RD CDN. She and her team of nutrition and health experts meticulously review and test all of the products before shipping them your way. To become "Bestowed Certified", products must follow these rules:

- Made with all-natural ingredients
- No artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or sweeteners
- No trans fat, partially-hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup
- Does not contain any of the unacceptable ingredients listed below
- Organic, whenever possible
- Made with sustainably-sourced ingredients
- Nutritionally sound

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Be warned that in the March 2015 Bestowed Box the Spinach Purée we received was originally labelled as Best By December December 2014. This is was is printed directly on the box. This expiration has been covered up with Bestowed by another label stating that the Spinach is now Best by May 2015. I contacted Bestowed about this and they said the expiration date on the box was a misprint and they just saw a wonderful opportunity to share a great product with us ;(! However, as someone who is familiar with the printing industry, the company the prints the boxes is the not the same company that makes the purée. If there was a mistake, the printing company would have been responsible for reprinting the boxes. So - be warned. Not only did Bestowed not offer to refund my money on the March box, they didn't even offer to replace the spinach. Steer clear of this one!
on 5/6/2015
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The price is $20.00 not $19.00 as posted.
on 2/17/2015
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Had a coupon for 3 months @ $36, so gave it a try. It's okay at the discounted price, but several items were specifically for young children, which I was not expecting (there was no mention of this being a kid-oriented box on their website). A few of the food products were also just coupons for a free item (a yogurt and a juice drink). Which is fine, but I've never seen those brands at my grocery store -- and if I have to go hunting at multiple stores for the item, it sort of defeats the point of getting the box shipped to me. Basically, the snacks were different and interesting, but not worth the full price to me. Also note that you cannot cancel a subscription via their website; in fact, the website doesn't tell you how to cancel, which is disingenuous. I did email customer service and they canceled it within a few days.
on 8/27/2014
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Does anyone have any idea how to cancel this box? Email maybe?
on 8/8/2014
Me yo
I had a subscription to Klutchclub which I LOVED and was always recommending. The value was amazing. They sold out to Bestowed and my first box sucked so much I cancelled my subscription. Save your money, Ipsy is much better for $10, than this box ladies.
on 7/5/2014
Ordered for my mom for her birthday with the $9 off coupon. Although she did like the box she felt paying the discounted amount was good. But paying $20 a month for a bunch of samples was a bit much. The only full size item was a snack geared towards babies that will not satisfy an adults palette.
on 5/3/2014