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Each Bespoke Post box is built around a specific story or theme, with the goal of introducing you to something new – a better way to shave, a stylish take on barware, a new hobby, stuff like that. We release a selection of boxes each month, and suggest one that should interest you. You'll receive an email with your box details – what's inside, and where it's from. You've got 5 days to change colors, and sizes. Add goods to your box, or skip the box altogether. Only pay for the boxes that ship your way. Skip any time. No other membership fees, period.

July 13, 2020
Their boxes are interesting, sometimes quaint and well thought out. Quality products for adventures with discerning companions.
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January 15, 2020
Customer service is excellent. I explained that I meant to cancel before I was billed for this month's box and they helped me cancel my subscription and refunded me for the box while I was still on the phone. The boxes I did receive are excellent quality and I will resume my subscription in the future.
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August 13, 2019
Extremely unsatisfied with their customer support. Need help? They probably won't reply or pick up the phone. Their line is "busy" and sends you to voicemail. I had an issue with them taking payment out with no notification and no emails stating I was subscribed to their services. I'd rate this a 0/5 if I could. Scummiest company I've come across so far. Stay away
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    Is Bespoke Post legit?

  • Yes, it's a totally legit subscription box service and ecommerce site. We have reviewed over 140 Bespoke boxes since 2014!

    How does Bespoke Post work?

  • On the first of each month, Bespoke Post selects a curated box for you and sends you an email. Want something else? No problem. Bespoke Post lets you choose from a variety of different options. This makes this subscription really fun because you can pick something you already want OR something new that has caught your eye. You have until the 5th of each month to confirm or change the box Bespoke Post picks for you and make your size and color selections if necessary.

    What types of products come in Bespoke Post?

  • Bespoke Post has a really broad range of products curated around exciting and unique brands. You can select boxes curated around anything from t-shirts to kitchen knives, camping gear to candles. Every month is full of creative and exciting themes to choose from.

    Do they release new boxes every month? Is every box available to members every month?

  • They do release new boxes each month and sometimes limit the boxes you see based on your specific interests, but you can choose from any still available on the site. Each month features a selection of new boxes and old favorites. Not seeing exactly what you want in the featured boxes? There are still additional choices on the site. You can do broad searches for specific items, themes, or materials i.e. leather, candles, fishing, ect. and boxes related to these keywords will pop up in search, even if they weren’t featured under the ‘Box’ section of the Bespoke Post page. Searching for additional boxes can, admittedly, be a little bit of work, but it is also kind of fun if you enjoy a hunt!

    Can I give Bespoke Post as a gift?

  • Yes! Bespoke Post is easy to gift and is a good experience for the recipient, so it's always one of our top recommendations for giving. You have a few options on how to do this. You can buy any Bespoke Post box as a one-time purchase as a non-member, though you will pay the $55 price rather than the $45 member price. Generally speaking, these are still always a great value! Bespoke Post also offers gift cards if you want to let the lucky giftee choose for themselves.

    How much does Bespoke Post cost?

  • A Bespoke Post subscription membership is $45 a month and you can skip by the 5th of each month to avoid being charged. Not ready for a subscription membership? You can still buy Bespoke Post boxes for $55.00.

    Can I skip a month of Bespoke Post?

  • Yep! Just make sure to skip before the 5th of each month by signing into your account and clicking the “Manage” text inside your cart. You can then delete the box from your current shipment to skip.

    What is the Bespoke Post Black Box?

  • The Bespoke Post Black Box is a Black Friday special edition box that ships free with your purchase of $5 or more.

    Can I cancel Bespoke Post online?

  • You will need to sign in and email the Bespoke Post team at [email protected] Alternatively, you can text 914.326.2765 to cancel or give them a call at 888.565.6762.

    Is Bespoke Post just for men?

  • Though Bespoke has tons of clothing and accessories that are geared towards men, we have found this subscription to really have loads of options for, well, anyone! The variety of products across the site and in the themed boxes make this an excellent fit for anyone interested in a thoughtfully curated unboxing experience. Bespoke Post does usually releases a few “For Her” boxes throughout the year with most of those launching during the holidays. These include lifestyle items like candles, bath bombs, diffusers, and more!