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Bella Box is a monthly beauty subscription service. In each box you'll receive four to five deluxe samples from high-end, boutique and cult brands from around the world.

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Have been getting this for six months, but cancelled after the latest box. The hero Item was self-tanning foam in a shade called "ultra dark" - I am extremely fair and would look ridiculous if I used something this dark! Not sure where they were coming from with this one, everybody got the same shade! Also, they have stopped using their lovely blue boxes - makes it all a little less special 😕
on 12/16/2016
I had subscribed for several months. It's mostly a sample box service with 1-2 full size products thrown in for good measure. Curation is somewhat dependent on your beauty profile. There was a couple of months where the retail value of full-sized products were less than the price paid for the box. There was one month where I ended up with a gel nail polish kit with an RRP of AU$50, which was awesome and made up for lacklustre months on the full size front. I ended up cancelling because they had sent out a slimming and detox tea sample in my last box - the science for detoxing teas is questionable at best.
on 4/7/2015