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We have reports of customers signing up for this box, getting charged, and never receiving anything. DO NOT sign up for this box. Beauty Army is a monthly beauty sample subscription service. Every month you can select your choice of up to 6 samples, or skip that month.

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I am shocked that anyone received anything. I thought this subscription was a scam. They charged my credit card and never sent me anything nor did they return my phone call or email. This is not a reputable company in my opinion.
on 2/11/2017
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I subscribed to beauty army in the summer of 2015 and received ONE box in a six month period. After several complaints and a little assistance from the Better Business Bureau, my boxes started shipping again. However, the selection of products to chose from repeats. They add very few products from month to month. And the products they do add tend to get taken fast. I've learned to order and select my beauty box products on the first day of the month less i'm stuck with all the repeat selections. I've mention this to the staff at beauty army but have not heard back. I've tried cancelling several times but again, I have not heard back.
on 11/3/2016
I was surprised to see negatives here. I have had only GREAT experiences with them.
on 8/21/2016
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I subscribed to several boxes the middle of June and Beauty Army was the first to ship. I liked all of the items and thought it was a fun assortment. I like that you get to chose them yourself. I will definitely order again.
on 6/29/2016
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I subscribed to Beauty Army I late May 2016 and recvd my box on or around June 15. The products were just as I ordered and I really liked them all. At this writing, I hv no complaints. I hv no plans to purchase any more, since I hv several other boxes and I just wanted to try this once.
on 6/19/2016
I subscribed at the beginning of Nov 2015, they already charged me for the Nov and Dec boxes but I haven't received either. I contacted customer service and haven't received a response so far...
on 12/19/2015
Stay away from this company! Apparently they have gone out of business because they have stopped responding to customers and updated any of their social media channels. I purchased three gifts totaling $90 and none of the recipients have received their gifts. I have even filed a complaint with the BBB. This is NOT a reliable service.
on 12/1/2015
I opened an account with Beauty Army when they first got started a few years ago. After the first two or three boxes though, I suspended my account because the better samples were no longer available, and they lost my interest. Tonight I checked again, just out of curiosity, and they seem to have upped their game. So I just reactivated. I'll be getting a tooth brush, a full-size Burt's Bees lip crayon, and decent travel sizes of Dove body wash, Revitalift eye cream, Neutragena makeup remover wipes, and a Batiste dry shampoo -- all brands I already use, that will go right into my travel toiletry kit. Nothing earth-shaking here, but I'm satisfied. Now to wait for their traditionally looooong shipping time!
on 10/8/2015
I read all of the mixed reviews and subscribed at my own risk :P I like the concept of being able to choose the samples you receive instead of leaving it to an 'algorithm' - usually just sends random makeup I never use. I received my box after about two weeks of subscribing. I chose all the largest samples I possibly could, including a nail polish. I didn't like all of the colors of the polish they offered, so when it was time to choose the samples, I kept hitting refresh in my browser and the colors of the nail polish would change each time, while the selection of other samples stayed about the same. I found a dusty lavender color I liked so then chose the 6 samples I wanted and hit submit. I didn't choose any foil packets, and wanted the largest samples available to make it worth the $12. I chose a full size lip crayon, full size nail polish, full size mascara, sample size body lotion, sample size hair conditioner, and sample size argan oil for hair. Not bad selection for the first time. However, I looked at the samples they offer for the next round, and decided to cancel. I might check back later to see if they offer better products. Overall, a hit or miss 4 stars out of 5.
on 9/10/2015
I subscribed to Beauty Army for a year back in the fall and so far the boxes have been mediocre. The shipping is unpredictable, and I even missed a box one month. I didn't bother contacting customer service because I really didn't care that much. I do like that you can select your own products, but many of the product choices are repeats from month to month, which is fine if you happen to really like an item. If you aren't happy with the contents after a couple of months, you might want to cancel because you will see the same items offered again and again. I will definitely not renew this one.
on 4/26/2015