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Beauty Advisor Box contains 2 full size products that you choose each month. You can choose from brands like: Christie Brinkley, Hydroxatone, Keranique, Miracle Skin Transformer ect. The first box is FREE & contains two of our favorite products-only $4.95 shipping and processing.

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Run for the hills! This is a big con! This company is associated with Hydroxatone (among others). Hydroxatone has gotten deserved bad press because of their questionable sales & marketing practices. Every time you call, you are offered "Beauty Dollar" vouchers each costs 95 cents and the rep tells you they are valid for a $40 credit per voucher per product purchase. In reality, they can be used only on items that cost $79.99 or more. You don't find this out until you get the actual voucher. They sent me the wrong product 4 times. Needless to say, I've cancelled.
on 7/13/2015
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Just gotta my first box today. Definitely super fast shipping at least, ordered Friday, Monday was a holiday, received Tuesday. Presentation is nice enough, two full size items as promised, in a black box with their logo. I received Miracle Skin Transformer:Hydroactive Cleanser ($23-ish value) and Hydroxatone Facial Rejuvenation Kit (an at home microdermabrasion system, couldn't find current value, but a review said it went for about $52 at the time). So the value of my two items was $75, give or take on the kit. I can't speak for the quality yet, but this far it's looking to be worth at least the $5 for the first box, but $25? I'm highly doubtful as curation doesn't seem too personalized, you pick two from a list of different types of products for each month and they'll sent you that for the next month in whatever brand they have. So while you get a hand in it, it may turn out badly.
on 5/26/2015
first box is 4.95 each subsequent box is 24.95
on 4/2/2015