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Sign up for our Monthly Beard Club and get a monthly shipment of exclusive, hand crafted beard care products. Monthly Beard Club Oils often consist of single run batches of unique scents only available to Beard Club members. Beard Club members also get early access to new Lucky Scruff products before they are available to the general public. Purchase of the Monthly Beard Club will result in a recurring monthly charge until you cancel.

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January 23, 2018
I signed my husband up for Lucky Scruff in June or July. I signed my son up for it in August. We had problems with my sons sub right off. Nobody responds to emails that are sent. It takes phone calls. My son knew right away he didn't want the products, so I canceled it. I sent several emails to cancel it- but It took a phone call to cancel it. It's strange- because the calls are routed to a guy's cell phone. When talking to him- you can hear little kids in the background- and he actually talks to them while dealing with the customer phone call. He was nice and it got canceled. My husbands sub- he was pretty happy with it- for the first few months. In December he got two of the exact same items that were sent the 1st or 2nd month. - Except he only got two items. Usually- he received 3 items in the sub box. Now, It's kinda a joke- the bottles of beard oil- now are hand written scents on a kind of generic label. I've sent several emails requesting to cancel- I should know it's going to take a phone call. I was concerned that he only got two items last shipment- not three. NO response to my email request. It's not a good value at only two items. IMO- we have a guy who's trying to start up a company and probably running this out of his house- working behind a website. The products though- seem to be average products.
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