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"At BCLiving, we get to test hundreds of products every year, so we know what's worth getting excited about—and we want to share that excitement with you! Since 2010, we've been telling you about our favourite finds on BCLiving.ca, but now we want to actually put those products in your hands and in your home. Whether it’s updates for your decor, pantry or personal style, we have pulled together items that will make you feel good. Perhaps it’s an essential oil to help you feel calm, a beautiful piece of jewellery to make you feel luxurious or a special tea to give you a sense of peace—we believe that being surrounded by beauty can make life that much sweeter."

Shipping: US & International: Varies, Canada: Free

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Got my first box! I’m happy with it! Not sure how to post pictures on here :(
on 8/10/2018
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I just placed an order for my first box. I am also in BC. I will be happy to come back and submit a review :)
on 8/4/2018
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I just realized the reason for the price difference. It's either $85 CAD per month( every 4 months), or $36 monthly. The boxes are seasonal. So you pay a little more if you do monthly payments
on 4/11/2018
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Hey!!! I'm dying to see what's in this Simply beautiful box, if anyone has subscribed....or if MSA will do a review, that'd be great!! One thing to note...I'm in BC, Canada, where the box is shipped from, & here it states the cost of the box is around $85, so I think the price listed here may be an error? I don't think the exchange rate can make up for that big of a difference. Anyways, I've been checking back, cuz I don't really want to put out a$100 without seeing a review first. I guess the fact that you can return it is nice, but you do have to pay return shipping, so...I'd rather not 😉
on 4/11/2018