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BattlBox delivers cool survival and tactical gear every month. There are 4 packages to choose from ranging from $24.99 - $149.99 for the serious survivor. "The only subscription box that could save your life!"

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BattlBox is one of the best survival/tactical subscriptions. The value of their boxes have increased significantly. They are also very responsive to customer feedback, which is the reason I feel the item selection and quality for their boxes have greatly improved. They are great for beginners when it comes to introducing new products/brands and assembling items targeted for specific survival and emergency situations, ranging from hunting/fishing, blackout and water purification scenarios. I suggest viewing a lot of the recent unboxing videos and evaluating if this is a worthwhile subscription for your needs. Also determine what level of the subscription is most suitable. We subscribe to the Advance level which is $50 & $5 shipping, it was the perfect entry level for us but they also have a basic level for $25 & $5 shipping which still offers a great value.
on 9/30/2016
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Awesome box. Definitely the most fun subscription box I have tried. Found the site on Facebook.
on 3/28/2015
Terrible. Product values are triple what you can buy items anywhere else. I made mention of it on a Facebook post from battlbox to a friend and the company actually posted back literally flipping out on me and saying all sorts of crazy things. Later he then deleted all the comments and blocked me. Wow, please find better people to do business with!
on 3/25/2015
Got my first box on 12/13/15 (the first box released according to their site). I love it! Great products and cool packaging. I'm staying subscribed!
on 3/16/2015
Terrible customer service, not a good product I highly recommend getting suckered into buying this. Not worth the hassle. It seems that the whole battlbox concept is getting into their heads and are beginning to battle their customers.
on 3/12/2015