BarkBox is a reader-favorite monthly subscription box service for dogs (woof!). In each high-quality box, your pupper gets 2 bags of all-natural dog treats made in the U.S. or Canada, 2 innovative toys, and a chew, all inspired by a quirky new monthly theme. Past themes like “Dogsgiving,” “Peanuts,” and “Lick or Treat” didn’t disappoint. Prices start at $23/box for a 12-month plan and include free shipping inside the 48 contiguous United States. Each box is valued at over $40.

BarkBox not only tops our Reader's Choice list for Best Dog Subscription Boxes, but also comes in 2nd place with their alternative Super Chewer box, so if your dog is larger and tends to destroy toys, you might want to check out reviews of that box as well!

The Basics

  • $35 Monthly
  • Ships to US and Canada
  • Founded in 2011
  • Valued at $40+ per box
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The Basics

  • $35 Monthly
  • Ships to US and Canada
  • Founded in 2011
  • Valued at $40+ per box

What We Love

  • Dogs just want to have fun (and snacks!) and our doggies love these all-natural treats & creative toys.

  • Unique monthly themes for pet parents to enjoy.

  • Choice of 3 boxes curated to suit your dog’s size, and the size of toys your dog prefers.

  • Pups go bonkers on BarkBox Day and can’t wait to get their paws on squeaky new toys and bags of treats.

  • For your doggo’s birthday month, you can add a birthday-themed extra toy or goodies to your box

What You Should Know

  • BarkBox all-natural treats are made in the U.S. & Canada and are wheat, corn, soy, and filler-free.

  • BarkBox also offers allergy-free boxes, which exclude beef, chicken, and turkey.

  • Is your dog a heavy chewer that’s tough on toys? Check out the Super Chewer box, BarkBox's brand for tougher toys & treats.

  • Want more of something? You can purchase items from past boxes in the BarkShop.

We Recommend BarkBox If

  • You’re looking for high-quality, all-natural dog treats and toys you can trust.

  • You want a convenient way to pamper your pet with goodies month after month.

  • You love a good pun. (This box is full of ‘em!)

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How Do Subscribers Rate BarkBox?

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3.6 overall rating

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Jun 1, 2021
"Love This Company"
Just rejoined barkbox and unfortunately who ever delivered the box left it on the front porch because it never showed up! I contacted barkbox by text and there sending my pup a replacement box for free! Wonderful Company! If you can afford it please get your pup a subscription! They are very responsive when you contact them! There toys are seriously indestructible! I have a 52 pound pit/Boxer and she can never destroy the toys! So worth the money! Very reasonable prices! Thank You Barkbox!
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May 6, 2021
"Love my sqeaker baby"
Buttercup loves her sqeaker baby from barkbox
Image 1 uploaded by Rebecca Image 2 uploaded by Rebecca
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Apr 30, 2021
"Uncanny customer service "
The customer service is uncanny! If you have any questions, concerns or a complaint they get to you right away! You can text, so no waiting on hold forever and they return your text right away! I’ve reached out twice for questions and once for a concern, every single time they were super friendly and resolved my question right away! I definitely recommend them. My dog loves his box!
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Mar 10, 2021
"Amazing Experience; 2 year subscriber!"
I am so impressed with BarkBox. I had reached out to let them know I never received 2 boxes and they sent me new ones with an extra toy in each!!! My dog is a lab/hound mix, about 50lbs, and 2.5 years old. He likes to chew, but only when I am home with him. He sometimes can destroy the toys as he likes to suck on ears, hands, feet, etc (little parts of the toys) and then tries to pull them off with his teeth LOL he is often successful at reaching the fluff with this method, but sometimes the toy is so well made that him biting those things off is not an issue and the toy remains intact (like the scooby doo toy, for example, he is missing both his ears but the toy itself is fine haha! Anyway, i would recommend this company to anyone!
Profile image for HeyLea

Jan 27, 2021
My best doggie friend and I love BARKBOX! I can not say enough good things about this company. Quality products and food/treats. Customer service is outstanding. I have called, emailed and used online chat and all questions were answered on the spot and managed to my satisfaction. The only reason we are no longer receiving our subscription is due to pandemic eco (no job) issues. This will be the first subscription I reinstate.
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Dec 27, 2020
I love BarkBox. It is a great service for getting treats and toys to your dog, especially if your dog gets bored easily. It's cheaper to have BarkBox than it is to buy the same amount of toys/treats from your local pet store.
Profile image for Kelli

Mar 11, 2019
We have been getting Barkbox for as long as I can remember now, probably at least 8 years and it is the one subscription box I feel is a necessity as well as a luxury for my dogs. I actually get 2 boxes each month, one basic box with two stuffed squeaky toys, two packages of treats and one chew treat and then another that is the "extra toy" subscription box which gives us three completely different toys, two packages of treats and a another chew toy. This is perfect for us because I own a kennel with 10 active dogs, 2 living in retirement and I have more then enough toys & treats to share with everyone. We've collected so many toys over the years, even considering I don't hesitate to throw out the dead ones, that the dogs have 2 large toy boxes full, toys in each of their kennels, toys in the dog laundry waiting for the weekly run through the washing machine and not to mention the dozen or so stuffies that get hauled outside or tossed out to encourage a reluctant canine to venture out when it's still too darn cold to go out without a bribe. I have to mention I've washed these Barkbox toys countless times, until they fall apart, and most of the time they come out looking fantastic. Bright, shiny and good as new. Then many times, if one of the gals or puppies takes it upon themselves to find out what's really inside their plush squeaky toy, a whole new toy, like a nobby ball, is found which is always a huge hit. So the toys within the toys are a fantastic way to make then last a little longer. My big male has even learned that in about half the toys he destuffs he gets rewarded with his favorite toy of all, a nobby ball. He will fall asleep squeaking those. Lol! So, in closing, I cannot say enough good things about Barkbox. I think when my next batch of imports arrive, I'll add the Super Chewer box to our monthly assortment to see how the pack likes it.
Profile image for Knight

Jun 28, 2018
Truly the most enjoyable Subscription ever! Our dog understands when it comes in the mail that that package is his! Then after we pop the tapes on the side he actually chases the box around and opens it flings all the content onto the floor. It’s truly hilarious! The toys are made very well and are super clever! It comes with treats he seems to enjoy, and the service has been exceptional if there’s ever an issue. If you love your dog like a child, and to see your pet enraptured by their own box of toys and treats, then do it right now!
Profile image for Bethany

Dec 20, 2017
I have never seen such amazing customer service as I have with Barkbox! They have replaced toys, free of charge, that have either been torn up, or too big. I had contacted them to ask them to change my box size from medium to small dog because one of the toys was a little too big for their mouths and they sent a replacement (without my asking) and also offered to let me customize my box for my dogs. (I have one small, 10 lb.destructive dog who likes to pick and shred, and one 48 lb. dog). I love this box! My dogs get SO excited when they see the box delivered. It is the cutest thing ever to watch as they dance with excitement, then nose around in it and grab something from it to carry off, before coming back to see what else is in there. The toys are always ones my dogs love to play with. The only problem is now my dogs think every box that arrives to my house is theirs. Barkbox is AWESOME!
Profile image for Jennifer

Dec 3, 2017
Oh my gosh I got my puppy only 6 days ago, we received the bark box and what excitement opening the box, Beautiful wrapping of puppies inside and then all the goodies we found, it was like Christmas for the both of us. Simba loves everything, there is nothing he hasn't had fun with and chewing on everything. The stuffed toys are so well made of high quality. The tasty treats are in awesome packaging, I cant say enough about Bark Box, I am so looking forward to my Christmas Bark Box, I will put it under the tree and we will open it together, awwwww Christmas is such a beautiful Season for loving and cuddling, My new puppy Simba want to thank everyone at bark-box for just about everything Merry Paw-mas xxx
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Is a BarkBox Subscription easy to cancel?
You can disable your auto-renewal on your account dashboard page, but you’ll still receive the boxes you initially signed up to get. The 3-, 6-, and 12-month plans can’t be ended early. The Happy Team is there to help make your boxes amazing and answer any questions. You can also make changes and add extra items to your BarkBox on your account dashboard page.
How much does BarkBox cost?
BarkBox is $23/month for a 12-month subscription, $26/month for a 6-month subscription, and $35/month for a monthly subscription, plus free shipping within the contiguous 48 United States. Each box contains at least $40 worth of treats, toys, and chews. Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada is $8. The more durable Super Chewer ranges from $30 to $45/month per box (depending on length of commitment) and each box is valued at over $45.
What do you get with BarkBox?
Each box (aka month long dog party) comes with 2 bags of treats made in the U.S. or Canada, 2 one-of-a-kind dog toys (think squeakers), and a tasty dog chew. The boxes are curated based on each month’s different new theme.
What size BarkBox should I get for my dog?
BarkBox offers three sizes for subscribers. They’re all the same price and you can update it anytime. Small is for most small dogs under 20 lbs, medium for medium dogs 20-49 lbs, and large is for large dogs over 50 lbs. If your hound is extra tough on chew toys, Super Chewer is your best bet.
When can I expect to receive my BarkBox?
Estimated delivery is 5 to 8 business days in the U.S. (and 8 to 12 business days in Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii). Subscription boxes are shipped within the first 2 weeks of each month.

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