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The Backup Box is a monthly subscription box for women created to help empower, support, and encourage self-love for each of its subscribers. Created by the woman behind eco-friendly jewelry shop, No Kitchen Sink, this box takes a stand against the social injustices faced by women of today—they donate 10% of their proceeds to humanitarian organizations, they support small, women-owned businesses, and they fill their boxes with items that "help recharge and inspire any weary lady-warrior."

Boxes contain 5-7 products, which include:
- A "monthly mission" or action item that you can do to help build a positive, intersectional community of women.
- The story of a "historical badass" who's lesser-known story will inspire and motivate you.
- An exclusive piece of handmade, sustainable jewelry made by No Kitchen Sink, which nods to the month's featured "badass" in 100% recycled silver.
- Artisanal chocolate
- A self-care product
- A "life hack" item to help make life easier (or just more fun!)
- A home or office item to help you feel cool, confident, and, as their site says, "keep on killin' it."

Shipping: Worldwide. Shipping costs vary by destination.

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