Asian Flavors Subscription Box
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Asian Flavors Subscription Box


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" has launched a much demanded new subscription box service for our dedicated foodies, chefs and other food industry followers. We aim to assist you in finding the flavors you are searching for, and discover new culinary delights through our expert guided selections. All of our monthly selections are FDA approved high quality name brand products. Let the world come to you, the Asian Flavors Subscription Box™ will satisfy your cravings and fulfill your master chef aspirations. Regional Cuisine Selections You could choose from the following Asian cuisines to match your taste: Chinese Japanese Korean Southeast Asian Random (All Selections) Product Categories You could choose from the following product categories, to customize your own subscription box: Condiments and Sauces Spices and Seasonings Snacks Pantry Beverages Soups Baking Candy Random (All Selections)"

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