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Under Armour: ArmourBox


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ArmourBox is Under Armour’s subscription service. Hand curated by a real stylist, with product recommendations also sourced from UA.com. ArmourBox is the best way for consumers to get their performance and sport style gear for the season shipped conveniently to their front door when they need it – every 30, 60, or 90 days. With no styling fees, no shipping fees and no return fees, it’s risk free and that simple.

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Hello! I subscribed to this box and it took over three weeks to get here. The two shirts were nice and the two pairs of shorts were ok. And the last thing the shoes were way overpriced very stiff and uncomfortable. So for five items it cost 200 dollars. There is only a week of time to return it. And I shipped it out the last day. I still got charged the 200 dollars. Called the support and they told me it takes two weeks to arrive at the warehouse and wouldn’t get my refund till then. So regardless of when I sent it back it I would still have gotten charged for the items. I see this as more of scam to get people’s money. Sorry but I had a terrible experience with this.
on 7/3/2019