Armchair Activities for Seniors

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"Over 69 hours of fun for senior citizens is packed into each Armchair Activities box every month. Our unique boredom busters include puzzles, books, games, crafts and more that are specifically designed to help older adults stay active and engaged. Are you looking for fun activities for seniors? We've been there. We've googled until the bingo chips turned blue looking for fun activities for our parents who were bored senseless with daytime TV but didn't want to leave the house for any kind of new adventure. Our solution? We locked a group of the "funnest" elderly people we knew into a room, (we should mention there was a nice window view and refreshments) and then brainstormed some activities that would be fun to do on a monthly basis. We narrowed down the list (sorry, we couldn't get the time travel option to work) and after a whole bunch of work, voila..."

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