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This box has its highs and lows, however, it always comes through with the shirt! Some of the items are cheap while others are well thought out. If you love video games, this box is at least worth a try.
on 10/26/2015
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I so wanted to like this box when I signed up for July, but was very disappointed. Some of the items were fun, but not worth the price. Giving August a shot simply because the cancellation window was past (before I even got my July box in the mail) and my card got charged. If I do get this box again it will ONLY be if the spoiler is explicitly clear that an item I will LOVE is in it.
on 8/22/2015
Extremely disappointed with this box. Received two of the same shirts in a row, nothing of value or anything I'd want to show off... Not worth the value at all. Curation is absolutely garbage, fire your staff.
on 8/6/2015
Still haven't recived my June block, and no charges were made for julys block. Crazy confused, customer service isn't much help either
on 7/9/2015
The June 2015 box is my first box from this subscription. I'm honestly not that impressed. I'll maybe give this box another month or two to decide whether I'll be canceling or not. The past Arcade Block boxes included at least one or two things I would've loved. This one, has absolutely nothing I even like. Still hopeful for a good box soon.
on 6/30/2015
Took 2 weeks for me to receive my box... after a 46 hour period in which it was missing; it ended up being in the exact same place it was "missing" from. The box came to my door, damaged, but with nothing missing. Prior to this, I tried canceling... It was 12 hours after their deadline and they won't cancel even though they haven't charged me yet for the next months block... They sent a generic message that was automated. Seriously, do NOT purchase this box!
on 6/7/2015
Good except for the cancelling process. The cancel window is like 3 weeks before the box ships. I had not received my first box before the cancellation window for the next box closed. Also, there was no clear theme to the box I received. I'd recommend this box, but just know that it will be quite difficult to cancel.
on 4/10/2015
If I could give 0 stars I would. The items were OK, but I decided it wasn't worth my money. Just got to cancel, right? Wrong! First, they have a highly limited cancel window, a few days only (Loot crate is any time before ships, Julep was about a 20 day window, etc). However, my black was late due to snow, so I couldn't make the choice in the window. That should be a simple customer service fix, but again, NOPE! Then, after a month of hassle, I was told I could just return the next block for a refund. Fine, not the best way to do it, as they did waste money shipping it to me rather than a person who wanted it, but whatever. Never got any shipping info, never got a block. Sent an email to them and posted on their FB pages (it's how I got a response before). They deleted my complaint, then blocked me from re-posting. I'm letting my bank handle this from now on. Remember, you're a valued customer...until you try and leave, then you're trash.
on 4/9/2015
Nintendo wallpaper 9977669
I am on my 3rd box so far and I have not been disappointed yet. I have been putting some items around my desk at work. The shirts have been great so far.
on 4/6/2015