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Spoiler Alert! Animal Jam Fall 2019 Box Spoiler #1!

Every Animal Jam Box will have a curated assortment of mystery items with a total retail value of over $60! Most of the goodies inside are totally exclusive to the box and can’t be found anywhere else. The boxes may also include rare first edition items before they are released in stores! The types of items that could be inside include clothing, accessories, electronics, toys, stationery and more! Each Animal Jam Box comes with an exclusive in-game gift! This box ships quarterly.

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My daughter is 12, she loves animal jam, but she is not finding a lot to enjoy about the boxes. The winter 2017 box with the wolf was by far the best with the most useful items. But in general, per her, the charms are nice and the codes are great. The rest of the box is not worth the money. Her feedback for the Spring 2018 box: the codes was great, the t-shirt, bag, and planter can be donated, the charm was "meh" and at least the dog likes the plush. I will say that the quality of the t-shirt was the best I've seen from them, really nice, but the design she did not like. The animal jam box was a great idea with so much potential with a good price point, but to use my daughters word, meh. Less junk and a more quality would have been appreciated. Two or three great items would beat out four or five meh items for the money. We will not be renewing the subscription.
on 5/12/2018
We signed up between seasons. It took over a month to arrive and customer service took a week to answer emails, twice. The color change mug was hard to get to color change and the outside film that decorates the mug fell off after a week of use, with hand washing. My daughter thinks Animal Jam is LIFE, so I am going to give t a couple more tries but so far, I'm not thrilled. I'm a sub box junkie and of the dozens we get, Animal Jam is by far the least worth it and has the worst customer service. I hope they improve with time.
on 3/15/2018
We love the Animal Jam boxes! This one I thought was supposed to be the fall box? However, it was all summer items? Still love it because the value on this one was at least $150. So happy with it. However, their shipping and timing needs to be fixed.
on 8/23/2017
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My daughter liked the Winter box, was looking forward to the Spring 2017 box. Charged for it middle of March was supposed to ship middle of April, today is April 27th, still hasn't shipped. Customer service told me twice there was a delay and it would be shipping soon. I was told I'd know when it shipped because I'd receive tracking info. Not happy with that response or shipping time. Cancelling after we get this box, if we get this box.
on 4/27/2017