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Fresh Roasted Keurig® compatible coffee shipped to your door, on your schedule

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Not sure if you all know but their is a special going on right now!!! (Who doesn't love a good deal?!!!! Thats why we are all here...that or we don't want to get out of our PJs and actually have to do our hair, but I am not judging!) Anyways the deal if you go to their site is a 14 single kcup sample pack for only 5.95!!! The flavors are already chosen, some include mocha java, French vanilla, hazelnut, Colombian, etc. Of course it says limited time offer but no experation date. Check it out!
on 1/30/2017
LOVE this company! I've been getting monthly deliveries for months now and they have the best coffee ever! The cups have never exploded inside my machine either unlike Starbucks or Green Mountain who used to leave me with a mess at least twice a week. I change flavors almost every month. My order has never been wrong. They always ship out my coffee USPS priority. Excellent coffee sub!
on 12/9/2015