Amy's Country Candles

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"Amy's Country Candles has three subscription plans:

Amy's Country Candles Subscription Box ($10) is a subscription box for women, and other candles lovers and gifters, which sends you three hex jar candles and a tealight for each month.

The Amy's Country Candles Subscription Princess Package ($19.99) is a subscription box women, candle lovers and gifts which sends you 2 candles and a box of decorative matches each month.

Amy's Country Candles Subscription Queen Package ($34.99) is a subscription for women, candle lovers and gifters which sends you 3 candles including an Aimee glass candle holder to your home each month."

Subscription terms for this box indicate you have three days to cancel after purchase, before you are committed to the chosen duration of 6 or 12 months of recurring payments.

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