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Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription box from Allure magazine. Each month includes deluxe and full sized beauty and makeup items.

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I would like to know what happened to the Allure Beauty THRILLS box. I really like that box and it used to come seasonally, I think, but it wasn't a monthly basis subscription. Does anyone know if they still sell the box? If so, when should the next box be up for sale? Thank you Mary Gear
on 3/30/2018
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I have to say I subscrobe to ipsy, boxycharm, birchbox, sephora play, glossybox, and have even tried fabfitfun. I tend to be a beautybox junkie due to having a 3 year old and needing an estrogen moment in my house. This was by far the worst subscription box I have ever had and not even for the products did I form that opinion. My first box came late to a point I was charged again before recieving, then I recieved it and was missing some items. First I want to explain they say it is the first month you sign up it runs late...three months into the subscription and its late every month, the customer service has no clue where your stuff is and was lied to numerous times about it or just flat out told I have no idea. Most of the products arethe same size as the samples of my birchbox subscription or sephora play but 5 dollars more, and dont believe a word they say when customer service claims to make things right they will give you a free previous box...that will never come because even though they promise it to you they run out and never even make it up to you by sending you a different one. I was on a ghost hunt for all the inconveniences I had experienced for the september box 2017 for 3 months, and even being hung up on at one point while trying to ask questions about how it works. Customer service is horrible and dont even waste your time on a supervisor, her name is Josie and her customer service approach is the worst I have ever seen. I would rather suffer through an email wait with boxycharm or a birchboxchat then be forced to deal with allure beauty box ever again. Ew put a horrible taste in my mouth and unfortunately the valued opinion of allure in general.
on 3/25/2018
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I've been thinking about signing up for Allure again after a short hiatus, but after reading current reviews, I see things haven't changed. I used to love the Allure Box a few years ago when I started. But things became redundant and shipping was slow or the box didn't arrive at all so I cancelled. But, thinking I would give it another try, I came here to find out the current status of things, and I see things have gone from bad to worse. That's too bad. Allure Beauty Box used to be one of the best.
on 3/24/2018
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For anyone still waiting a February box i just got mine yesterday 03/12/18, so they are still sending them out.
on 3/13/2018
Has any1 else not received their February box??? Its March 7th and still No tracking #. I'm SO TIRED of their BS Customer Service. Argh
on 3/7/2018
I want to like Allure. However, after getting my first box, I was a bit disappointed. They sent the items with a nice description of the products... EXCEPT I didn't get the one they showcased. ThisWorks In Transit Camera Close-up was described so amazingly but in fine print it said my box may or may not have this product. Well, mine didn't. Instead, I got something else. I am too disappointed, I can't even remember what I got in place of the in Transit one. Maybe February's box will have everything they describe in their enclosed note and not make me feel like a second rate citizen.
on 1/26/2018
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I tried with their box before it’s amazing I recommend this to every woman out there
on 12/9/2017
Same for me. I signed up around the 20th of October and didn't hear anything from them besides the auto welcome email. Finally in November I send their customer service and email, again I got an auto response saying we'll contact you. Waited 3 days then called customer service got helped by a wonderful girl saying yep you're a member you'll be getting an email with tracking information soon. Your Tarte Blush will arrive separately and your October and November boxes will arrive close together. Still haven't got my tracking email but I'm hopeful. Just excited to get my items and try them out. It looks like there's some fun interesting brands to try. I just wish I had a better idea or time frame of when my box(s) will arrive.
on 11/10/2017
Anyone else still waiting for the October box?
on 11/7/2017
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Got my first box. Loved it. Did not get the gift that was advertised to come with my first box, but they quickly responded to me and said it was on the way. Couldn't figure out how to leave a review on the site, but I think it's an alright box.
on 11/1/2017