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Oct 20, 2021
"Used to Love Them - but so much drama of late..."
I am in year 3 as an annual subscriber. I really like most of the products, and have found some real gems. I loved the mission, thought and care that seemed to go into product selection. But, especially since the transition to Alltrue, there is so much drama with shipping. So. Much. Drama. Shipping seemed to be a challenge pre-pandemic. One can be forgiven for a bumpy first 9-12 pandemic months. But 18+ months into the pandemic the shipping delays and drama seems to get worse each quarter. I hope that these are growing pains of a good thing that got too big too fast. I hope they work it out. And, I am likely to cancel if things don't soon improve. For me, the whole point of a subscription boxes is to be a source of joy - not frustration. :-(
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Oct 17, 2021
"Don’t bother"
I joined a year ago when it was still causebox. The transition to Alltrue has been bad. I watched quality items worth my money change to cheap items not worth half of what I paid. Further, my summer box never came so I inquired and they said it never shipped but weren’t on top of it. I realized when I spoke to a friend who had gotten hers a month earlier. Then they wanted me to depict the items I’d picked months earlier. For Fall, I inquired ahead of time so the same mistake wouldn’t happen. They sent empty non answers just saying shipments were starting in September. When pressed, they then told me I was in the first part of shipments. Its October 17th and I haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation. I have cancelled my membership. Fab fit fun looks nice so I think I’ll try them. I don’t recommend all true, they hang their hat on the idea that even though your not getting great stuff, causes get funds. If that’s the case, I can donate where I want and not get cheap junk.
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Oct 9, 2021
"Shady shady shady. "
If you are a quarterly subscriber, they will just throw a bunch of random crap I a box 2 months after billing your credit card and ship it to you. If you're lucky, maybe one of the products will be one of the featured products that month. The company is poorly run, and despite its claims to be "ethical," such claims extend only to the products they sell and not their company's practices. Appare tly, instead of paying to properly run their company, they devote those resources to staff spending time scrubbing social media of any Comme ts related to their shady business practices. Shame to see what was such a great company take such a turn.