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It’s not called a custom box for nothing! You have total control over the box you receive. You decide how much you want to pay: If you don’t like spending a mandatory $50+ on a subscription box each month, you're covered. You can spend a minimum of $10 and get an awesome box. If you don’t like receiving cheap items in your box, you can choose to spend as much as you wish for your box. You will ALWAYS receive at least double the retail price of contents in your box. So if you want to spend $100 on a box, you will receive at least $200 worth of goodies! You choose what themes are in your box: I’m sure you have all received boxes with items you are not interested in, well with the Aboxalypse Custom Box, YOU choose the themes included in your box. When you are going through the payment process, you will see a ‘Notes’ section, simply put at least 5 themes you want included in your box and we will do the rest. For example you could include in the notes, The Dark Knight, Legend of Zelda, Game of Thrones, The Joker & Jason Vorhees. You will ONLY receive items relating to those themes. NEVER receive items you are not interested in with the Aboxalypse Custom Box!

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March 26, 2015
For anyone currently dealing with the Aboxalypse struggle, my condolences. For anyone who is thinking of ordering from this company, please don't be hasty. They offered a custom box option, with the ability to choose your themes. After two months of waiting for a box, and watching countless others endure the same, they completely stopped any communication with the customers, only to delete their facebook page and website. Granted, the website states that new management is underway, and I am hopeful that this will be a much-needed change. Presently, my opinion of the company is very poor.
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