A Year in Alaska

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"A place of breathtaking beauty, unfathomable adventure, and untold danger. Loved, lived in, survived, and fought for by people inspiring, heroic, and human. Read its story. This place we call Alaska. A Year in Alaska is a subscription box for Alaska books by Juneau Alaska's local independent bookstore, Hearthside Books. Every quarter a box will arrive at your door containing 3 hand selected, recently published Alaska books*, and a locally printed art card featuring art by an Alaskan artist. That’s 12 books* in 4 boxes! A total value of almost $300! This box is only available as a full year subscription for $250.00 at this time. Your subscription will start on your sign up date and, unless renewed, will end after you have received 4 boxes. *The 4th Quarter box will contain a wall calendar by an Alaskan Photographer in place of one of the books."

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