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A Genie's Dream


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A Genie’s Dream is a monthly period subscription box designed to help teen and tween girls celebrate their bodies and feel more magical. Each shipment includes things like body care and beauty items, crystals, plush and other fuzzy toys, candy, and period supplies like tampons. Expect lots of bright colors and cuteness!

Shipping: Varies by destination.

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So fun! I am always super excited to receive my Genie's Tube of the month! From all the yummy treats, cute little trinkets, and organic products! It's always such a treat to open every month!
on 10/25/2019
we really liked this box, for my ten year old. granted she hasn't gotten her moon yet, and there were a few products aimed at your cycle (which she was all, uhggg here mama) the rest of the box (really "tube") was neat. she's gotten a funky journal, unicorn bath-goodies, crystal-magic accessories. for the price it makes a lovely gift for the under 13 gal.
on 1/18/2018