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"YogaClub is your personal stylist for the yoga inspired life. Delivering high quality, brand name yoga apparel at an affordable price, we are committed to empowering women to be active, confident and mindful in everything they take on. Choose a package and frequency of delivery (monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly) that fits your lifestyle. Then, take our proprietary style quiz to choose your sizes, favorite ways to sweat, and personal style. Every piece of activewear is handpicked by our expert stylists, just for you!"

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I received 2 boxes - the first was OK - one item was a white sports bra that was a bit big, but enabled me to fasten it so that it crossed in back, which made it fit better, but white isn't really my color. The second box stunk. It included a plain pair of black leggings which I thought were alright, nothing special, a sort of ugly and very boxy pullover made out of a weird material, and an absolutely horrible and cheaply made work out tank that was too big and in a snot green and fluorescent yellow color. It fit horribly and did not match the rest of the colors in the box. I really think they save the really good items for the people who post on You Tube and give the rest of their subscribers the detritus. I wrote them and they offered me 2 other options for the 2 items I hated, and I chose one of the sets, but the jacket was too tight, so I ended up keeping the boxy thing and decided to gift it to someone as a Christmas present. It's also nearly impossible to get a customer service rep on the phone. I tried to cancel, but the girl on the phone offered me $15 off to give it one more try, so I decided to do that - if this box is a bust I'm unsubscribing.
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on 1/3/2018
So I just received my first YogaClub box and was pleasantly surprised. Each item was a recognizable brand and on trend. I got the cutest jacket from MPG (which I know to be a Canadian version of Lululemon) with a hood that rolls and snaps down to create an edgy neck "bolster"...for lack of a better word. It's so cute though and really unique, plus functional! I actually retired my Lululemon jacket in the same color for this one. The second piece was a basic black tank top that had it not been a reputable brand that I follow, I might not have purchased it on my own...but it is light, well-made, and a closet staple, so I'm happy with it. The final piece was a crazy, indigo-printed legging, that I love and can't wait to wear. Nice fabric and solid construction. Well done, YogaClub. Your three-minute survey sent me gifts I love. Can I get you to call my Aunt Faye and tell her what you know about me before Christmas?
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on 12/12/2017
J'ai beaucoup apprécier ma première boîte (The Guru). La couleur des Yoga pants reçu était un peu moins mon style (pâle), mais les chandails sont super beaux et très confortable. La qualité des articles reçu m'as bien surprise, en bien !!! Le seul point plus négatif pour le moment sont les frais de livraisons (10$) sur chaque boîte envoyé, incluant la plus dispendieuse (Guru). Sinon le temps de livraison n'était pas si mal, ça a pris environ 2 semaines. Bref, je vais continuer mon abonnement pendant encore 1 ou 2 mois afin de voir quelles surprises les stylistes me réservent (Et plus si c'est toujours aussi bien) ! :)

Roxanne Giguère-Tremblay

on 12/11/2017