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Whimseybox is a monthly craft and DIY subscription box. Every month they send you a box with all that materials and instructions you need to make the project for that month. (Shipping to the US is free, shipping to Canada is an additional $5).

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well now i am glad i cancelled my subscription earlier this year. i was unhappy with their autorenew with no warning and then cancelling was a gigantic PITA
Awesome face batman %281%29


on 11/14/2014
DON'T SUSCRIBE! It's September 22 and Whimseybox has yet to send out the August 2014 box, but already debited for september. There are also reports that they may be filling for bankruptcy. please buyers, beware. I subscribed for 6 months, august, september and october were my last 3 months and now i'm out of the money until my CC company investigates. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! This was a great box while it lasted :(

Keri Reyes

on 9/22/2014
I loved my boxes, they were perfect for me, because I do not have easy access to supplies, plus I loved discovering new favourite crafts! They did send me 10 months of boxes for free, must have been a glitch. I appreciate ever one of those, plus the others I paid for! Sad to see them go, but shitty for current subscribers. My sub ended with the last box, so I got lucky. Do call your credit card company and stop all further transactions!!!

Michelle A Binette

on 9/18/2014