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The Wantable Intimates subscription sends you 4-5 premium essentials based on your preferences. Think undies, bras, tights, leggings, shapewear, socks, etc. Pick which items and styles you want to customize the box each month. Shipping is free to the US. Canada: $6.00 USD United Kingdom: $7.00 USD Australia: $10.00 USD

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Ugh, I used to love the idea of this box. But in only one year, they have raised the price and dropped the number of items per box, TWICE. You'd expect an increase in the quality of each item right? Wrong. The quality is the exact same, and the curation still seems random. I'm considering trying Splendies... It seems like Wantables Intimates is trying to be the next Adore Me, but in doing so, it's alienating some of its original customer base. On the bright side, everyone I've talked to at Wantables Customer Service has been friendly and helpful, so that's a plus.


on 11/23/2015
another company that does not carry my bra size

Angel Hill

on 8/11/2015
My first box wasn't too bad, a cute pair of underwear, a PJ set and a maxi sleep dress. I only kept the PJ set and waited for my next month hoping that my feedback would provide me with an even greater box the next month. I was wrong. I got a bra that had a laughably bad fit and was from questionable stock (how long ago did Daisy Fuentes make bras?) and a PJ set that smelled like it had been in a warehouse for months. I returned it all and canceled my subscription.
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Ann S

on 7/22/2015