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The Wantable Accessories subscription sends you 3-4 jewelry and accessory pieces based on your preferences. You can always update your preferences, or skip any month! Shipping is free to the US. Canada: $6.00 USD United Kingdom: $7.00 USD Australia: $10.00 USD

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I got my very 1st box today. I have to say besides a pair of nice sunglasses that were way to big for my face (which I can gift out), I really love everything in box. I got a very beautiful infinity scarf and 2 simple dainty pieces of jewelry (which I requested). I felt my box was very personalized. I was pretty scared to order for the price and reading all the reviews on here, but decided to try it out anyways, and I'm so glad I did. We will see how next month goes.

Shenika Hohman

on 12/26/2015
The quality of the items has not been great. A few were nice and I wear them often. But the other 75% of what I received was of too low quality for me to actually want to wear it. Also, it is very difficult to skip two months in a row. Their website's user interface bascially makes it impossible to skip two consecutive months, because you have to tell them you want to skip each time (can't permanently set it up to skip), and you have a tiny window of time when your skip for the first month doesn't show up before your second month will be shipped. Basically, if you have a lot of time to send back returns, then this sub is decent. But if you do not have a lot of time on your hands for returns, I would not advise this sub.


on 11/23/2015
I initially subscribed because I lost almost all of my accessories recenly. (Long story) My job keeps me insanely busy and I just wasn't taking the time to "update". I thought the mystery aspect would assist in having a fresher perspective based on my taste. In the beginning, it was ok. I was getting decent pieces. Once I sat down and took the time to review what I got, it opened a dialogue with the stylist. The box immediately after doing that was perfection! So, clearly that is the key to successful subscribing. My interaction with their customer service department was timely, professional and efficient (also very effective!) I find I really, really look forward to my box every month! So far, the quality is pretty good. For what you're spending, and receiving "on trend" products, I think the pricing is great! I consistently get very positive compliments on everthing (even from stylists from Nordstrom and Bloomingdales!) To date, I am 6 months into my subscription and plan to continue doing so!
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on 8/1/2015