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Walmart Beauty Box


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Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly makeup and beauty sample subscription service featuring brands carried by Walmart. This box also includes coupons.

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I've only gotten one box so far and for five bucks, I can't complain one bit! It had an excellent array of big brand name items, and the sizes were pretty awesome too -- bigger than a normal sample size for the most part actually. I used/will use everything in the box and that's great as well. Though I know this is a quarterly box, I would love to see a monthly or even bi-monthly Walmart box at some point! It's just that good.
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Lindsay Giedosh

on 9/27/2016
I just got my first box and I'm pretty pleased with it. Most of the 9 items are new to me and I probably would never have tried them otherwise. Just a couple of items that I know I won't use at all but maybe I can give them away. Good value for $5.

Grandma S

on 8/23/2016
I found this to be a neat little box. For the price, 7 samples and the 8th looks like it might be the full size. All of the productsubscription are things I'm curious to try but may not have picked, so it's a nice way to shake up my routine. I may even sign up my mom for this box.

ChrisTina Turner

on 6/14/2016