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Walmart Beauty Box


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Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly makeup and beauty sample subscription service featuring brands carried by Walmart. This box also includes coupons.

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Even though these are every day products, I look forward to receiving my box each quarter. I order two every time. These are always things I need and anything I can't use I share with friends. This is a welcome, lovely surprise that keeps stocked up so I don't have to shop. Worth the five bucks.
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on 7/4/2017
I have been receiving Walmart sample boxes for over a year. Everyone has had a value far exceeding the $5 shipping fee. The variety of product assure something for everyone. They offer several boxes to choose from including a trend setter, original, and baby. Only once was there a problem with an item shipped and they replaced the item plus sent an extra item as well. I would highly recommend this box to everyone. It's a little bit of Christmas 4 times a year.
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on 6/24/2017
Walmart Spring Beauty Box was my first of this subscription. I was pleasantly surprised by the assortment of great samples and the overall presentation of the box. I started looking into beauty box subscriptions after trying free sample boxes through Influenster and PINCHme. I became quickly frustrated with the amount of work they ask of you to possibly receive future boxes. Walmart free sample boxes for a $5 shipping fee is a great place to start sampling subscription boxes. I plan to try the baby box at least once. The two paired would be a great gift for a new mom!

Amanda J Robinson

on 4/28/2017