Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box


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Spoiler Alert! Vegan Cuts Makeup Box – Spring 2017 Spoilers!

The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box delivers cruelty-free beauty products to your doorstep once per month. Each box includes 4-7 products with a value of $35+ total. (Shipping is free to US, $8 to Canada, and $15 Worldwide).

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I really like this box. I am sensitive to heavy scents and because it's all organic it's usually all products I like and use. I had a problem once with leaky shampoo and they send me another one the next month.
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on 5/21/2015
I just received my first box from Vegan Cuts and OMG I love it!!!! Every single thing in this box is awesome. Very unique products including this really cool looking Tapioca and bamboo powder that be used as an exfoliator or cleanser, mask, depending on what kind of liquid you mix it with, looks so amazing and I cannot wait to try it. Super stoked on this box and cannot wait for more!


on 3/21/2015
I receive the vegan cuts beauty box and have gotten about 4 boxes so far. I feel like it's hit or miss, but for $20 I'm happy to get even one of the less thrilling boxes. My favorite boxes include majority makeup products and only one or two body care products. The February 2015 box had four body care products and only one make up item. It was a lipstick that I LOVE so I'm not unhappy, but I could be happier... I'm definitely going to continue subscribing, but prefer more makeup (if any of the box creators are tuned into this feedback)!


on 3/12/2015