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Foods from around the world to sample with recipes on how to prepare them.

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I've been receiving this box for five months out of a yearly subscription, and am so far happy with the subscription. I would recommend a yearly subscription (~$30/box vs. $40) to increase the value, but given the premise $40/box is still not bad. The quality of the goods is generally high, and I've prepared several of the meals and goods sent to positive result. My recommendation for this box, however, is that you MUST have an adventurous palate, and MUST be willing to at least try and cook the food, otherwise you will be sorely disappointed. The idea of this box is that you receive goods that locals eat, so many of them are outside of our U.S. palate comfort zones. I've enjoyed everything in the boxes, even if some were very different that what I would otherwise eat. I cannot recommend this enough for those who enjoy new and different food.
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on 12/2/2016
I ordered my first box (a gift box for my mother's birthday) nearly three weeks ago, expecting it to be delivered within a few days of her actual birthday. When two weeks had passed, I contacted their customer service rep. They sent me a canned response about their 14 day processing time (ignoring the fact that it had been 14 days since I'd put in my order!) and made no attempt to address the fact that I ordered a box as a gift and my mother's birthday was just days away with no sign of her gift box. I responded asking for an actual answer to my question, and for the courtesy of expedited shipping so that my gift to my mother at least wouldn't be egregiously late. Finally, their service rep admitted that my order hadn't even been processed yet. They ignored my request for expedited shipping, but at least they were kind enough to agree to my demand for a refund. First and last time customer.

Karina D.

on 12/1/2016
I ordered a subscription on Sept. 23 and have heard nothing yet regarding status of shipment. Also ordered the Michelin Limited Edition. My payments are posted but nothing regarding shipments. They do NOT respond to emails or phone messages. Anyone else having this problem?
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on 10/31/2016