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Trunk Club is a monthly stylist subscription service for men and women. They send you a box of 6-8 items, including shirts, pants, accessories, and shoes. Only pay for what you keep (no styling fee!), and work out your budget preferences with your stylist. Prices start at $40 for t-shirts.

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I tried to give my stylist very specific guidelines. E.g., I have an hourglass figure. Best jeans are straight leg, boot cut or boyfriend. Prefer V-neck tops, or wraps or peplum. Want some style in my very casual, work at home life. And color. The trunk? two pairs of jeans, both skinny. HUGE sweaters with big turtle necks. Boxy shirts and jackets (one made me look like the Michelin Man). A scarf that was supposed to be styled like an infinity scarf. But the material was so thick, and it was almost as wide as it was long, so there was no way it was going to wrap around my neck twice (which isn't the best look for an hourglass gal who looks best in V necks, anyway). Everything was either denim (even on shirt was denim), black or grey. I guess my stylist was styling for herself rather than for me. I cancelled.

Marybeth Robb

on 11/13/2017
I was VERY disappointed in this service. I signed up on Seotember 21st. My stylist, Michelle seemed stuck on having me physically come to the Clubhouse (an hour away in my city) rather than work electronically. So much for convenience. After sharing my needs, on October 10th, I was told that I could not expect a Trunk until Thanksgiving. I cancelled.
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on 10/11/2017
I loved my stylist. She even helped me with styling clothes that i already had. The only problem was things were really really expensive. $88.00 for a skirt! They only get their items from Nordstrum which I do not like that store. So if you like high priced clothing from Nordstrum then this box is for you.
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on 9/3/2017