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Trunk Club is a monthly stylist subscription service for men and women. They send you a box of 6-8 items, including shirts, pants, accessories, and shoes. Only pay for what you keep (no styling fee!), and work out your budget preferences with your stylist. Prices start at $40 for t-shirts.

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I loved my stylist. She even helped me with styling clothes that i already had. The only problem was things were really really expensive. $88.00 for a skirt! They only get their items from Nordstrum which I do not like that store. So if you like high priced clothing from Nordstrum then this box is for you.
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on 9/3/2017
No complaints about working with my stylist - she's been awesome. Very responsive and helpful. The clothes are pricey (for me - still in the $50-$100 range), but the quality is great and it's fun to try new things I wouldn't necessarily pick for myself.

Erin Michelle

on 8/22/2017
I really wanted to like Trunk Club. I enjoyed my first trunk and kept two pieces, but when I discussed a second trunk with my stylist, she was so rude. It took her 5 days to send my trunk preview, and only then after I sent a reminder. It felt like she threw it together with zero thought or effort. It didn't match my style at all. I told her that, and she threw together another half-assed trunk. I told her I was all set. Trunk Club offered to hook me up with a new stylist, but I'm on the fence. It doesn't seem worth it when I can just buy and return whatever I want to try straight from Nordstrom's site.
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on 3/15/2017