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Trunk Club is a monthly stylist subscription service for men and women. They send you a box of 6-8 items, including shirts, pants, accessories, and shoes. Only pay for what you keep (no styling fee!), and work out your budget preferences with your stylist. Prices start at $40 for t-shirts.

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Never made it to the stage of ordering. The stylist was quite uppity. When she asked what I do and I mentioned that I work from home and am a PhD student, she kind of insinuated I couldn't afford the stuff and would let me know "if we decide to include lower-priced items in the future." What? WOW! I think it should be left up to ME if I could afford the contents or not! I told her I had no interest, thanks. Whether or not I could afford it was irrelevant at that point - I no longer wanted to try.
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on 8/4/2016
This is a great way too shop for Nordstrom quality and priced clothing. The stylist I had was very personal, and helpful. The first 2 boxes I received I kept about a quarter of the box, the 3rd about half and the 4th the complete box. By the 4th box the stylist had included the items that i expressed a need for and she nailed my sizes. At that point I wasn't in need of any other items to complete my wardrobe. Keep in mind, these are not tailored clothes and some alterations maybe needed. I had my tailor make small alterations to the jackets and hem the pants to my inseam.

Kirk Tuchten

on 5/15/2016
I never ordered from this company after speaking with the stylist I was pretty much told I couldn't aff the box and should go back to the dept store if I wanted a reasonable price.

Joshua Rose

on 3/23/2015