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TopMunch is a subscription box for explorers of the world that sends you 3-5 snacks from countries around the world each month.

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I'm a TopMunch customer for past 2 months. First month I have received a Italy Box and last month a Thailand Box. The snacks are delicious and the Size of each Snack in the box is large. I'm a fan of their Top Phrase and Top Music given in the booklet and I enjoy them with my family. I hope they continue with the same Quality and passion. I'm waiting for my next box :-)
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Sasi RR

on 6/4/2017
Got this box for my wife as a gift. It seems slightly more expensive than some of the other food boxes out there, but when it arrived, I found it was also significantly bigger and the contents were very substantial. It contained a good mix of snacks with a specific cultural theme (our box was Spain), as well as some informational literature in the form of brochures that talked about the Spanish culture (popular phrases, music, etc.). Several of the snacks were items we've never tried before, so it was a fun experience. Definitely will look to buy some of the items locally or on the internet in the future.

Tong Sheng

on 5/28/2017
World's culture in a box I have been subscribed to this box for more than six months now and I convinced that this is one of the best snack box currently available in the market. Each month you receive a surprise country theme snack box along with a list of cultural music, travel and phrase recommendations. This is really interesting way to learn about different countries and their culture. This box gave me opportunity to try new snacks I would never try on my own. I had really fun while unboxing the snack box.They provide you list of every snack with ingredients along with cultural tips. The packaging is classy and well designed. I would highly recommend this box to all my friends. Truly, World's Culture in a Box!
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on 5/14/2017