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TopMunch is a subscription box for explorers of the world that sends you 3-5 snacks from countries around the world each month.

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I was really happy to discover Pistachio cotton candy from Turkey. I had visited Turkey several times before and was still surprised to find these new snacks in my Top Munch box. I do love more savory snacks than sweet ones.
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on 2/6/2017
Just received my first box today and couldn't be happier! Delicious Turkish snacks I had never seen and it was fun to send a picture to a Turkish friend! =) Looking forward to the next one and please keep up the great selection!

Wagner Camarao

on 1/30/2017
I strongly recommend TopMunch subscription box. Each of the three boxes I’ve received has delivered five full size packages of great tasting snacks from around the world. I really like that they tend more towards savory rather than sweet snacks. Most other subscription boxes seem to throw in the savory snacks as an afterthought. I also appreciate the fact that they concentrate on one country a month. I cannot say enough how wonderful their customer service is. Any question I have emailed has been answered extremely promptly and in not just a very courteous but also friendly manner.
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on 10/21/2016