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"A Grooming Box Built For Men By Men. Offering skincare, beard & shave gear, hair & body wash, and colognes as well as wardrobe accessories. When you Subscribe or make a purchase you're Helping Children at St. Jude Research Hospital. We Donate a portion of all sales. So please remember, you're helping a child in need, not just getting a box." Options: $20 for 5 samples with a gift of our choice $25 for 8 samples with a gift/accessory

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i'm really disappointed and baffled by the unprofessionalism. I tried to buy from them and told them clearly what the issue was (a duplicate order error) and they told me payment had been declined on 'my end'. When I told them that wasn't possible and that I guess I wasn't going to buy from them, I got a 'no worries'. No greeting, no signature. Very disappointed. But at least it encouraged me to look elsewhere as I soon found a better site with more to offer at a fraction of the cost. Sample Man's loss I suppose.
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on 7/4/2016
I've gotten 3 boxes already and ea. one gets better. The products are crazy, my girlfriend loves them! These guys are Gr8... Keep up the good work SampleMan!! Seth
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on 6/9/2016
Received my first box and my fiancé was very excited about it. The presentation is really top notch and all the products were items he will use and seemed of high quality. This is much better than Birchbox Man even with the higher price tag. Keep up the good work!
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on 5/26/2016