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Every Fantasy Box will contain products directly related to the fantasy you're going to be playing out. The products are high-quality, full-sized, carefully selected, and vetted. They will include everything from lingerie and toys, to novelties and everyday items you may have never expected. There are three different subscription options: The Fantasy Box: Essentials ($34), The Fantasy Box ($59), and The Fantasy Box Platinum ($159).

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I initially loved this boxes they were fun and I was excited for each box. I have an issue with the lingerie sizing it is inconsistent. I have 6 peices and 2 were too small and 4 are way too big and I never changed my sizing. After I got my last order I contacted customer service and they referred me to another website for lingerie and wanted to note my account for next time. They didn't want to try to satisfy me or keep me as a customer.
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Nicole Wylie

on 4/14/2016
This box is amazing!!! My hubby and I have the platinum subscription and have been getting it for 3 months now. The lingerie is adorable and the products are amazing. Not to mention the little scenarios they give us to play out are fun anfd exciting! Customer service is wonderful as well! They've always been quick to respond and quick to correct any mistakes! I highly recommend this box to anyone who is looking for an adult monthly subscription! Totally worth it!!!!
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on 8/14/2015
Hubby and I tried out the platinum box subscription and are loving it! Brands I had never heard of, but GREAT quality in both lingerie and toys. Really fun playful ways to get into the mood. The best part is the customer service though, SO fast, responsive and friendly. A toy didn't work in our first box and a replacement was shipped out almost as soon as I emailed. We wanted to change around the boxes we received, no problem. I love this service, great value and so much fun!
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on 7/17/2015