The Curated Underwear Club

The Curated Underwear Club


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The Curated Underwear Club is a subscription box for men that sends you 1, 2, or 3 pairs of designer underwear every 1, 2, or 3 months. Underwear is chosen based on your style, fit, and color preferences. Low international shipping rates and a 'no sweat' cancellation policy.

Shipping: Free U.S. Shipping for orders with 2 or more pairs of Underwear.

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My husband gets this sub. It is a good opportunity to try out different brands that he probably wouldn't have found to try otherwise. The retail value of the ones that he has received is just a $1 or two less if you purchase them on the brands website. We keep this sub only because so far every pair he has received has been comfortable and fits well. More than likely when we start getting repeats of the same brands (assuming that will eventually happen) we will cancel the sub and he will know which ones that he likes the best to buy. What is great about this sub is that you pick your size by measurement in inches and your normal size. So you might get one pair in one size from one company and a smaller size from another but both fit well. Also, you pick your style and see what is being shipped. Now you get what was being shipped by style and maybe not the color. He is building up a decent collection and it's so fun to get mail! I do recommend this sub if you want to try an assortment of brands . So far the quality is good.
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Granny San

on 8/6/2017