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The Best Damn Book Club


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"A Book Subscription Box For Your Bookish Delight! We Deliver Adventures To Your Door!" Each monthly box is themed and includes "5 to 6 bookish items, tea, snacks, jewelry, bookmarks, candles, etc., handcrafted by amazing small shops. Each Box Donates $1 to a charity each month!"

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This service has been shut down. Cratejoy is trying to get everyones money refunded.
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on 1/8/2017
I hate to give bad reviews, but I have to be honest. The products are fine (I loved the tea I got with my beaty and the beast box, and I loved the wax melts with the other two boxes), but owlcrate is cheaper and gives a much better box. Now, aside from that, I am STILL waiting on my September box... I get things happen, but it has just been excuse after excuse after excuse. They are months behind on there boxes, and aside from giving excuses, they hardly ever give straight answers to questions if they reply at all. It's not worth the 40 dollars a month... If I don't at least receive a tracking number by the end of next week, I'm going to have to ask for a full refund. Don't waste your time.
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on 12/30/2016
Do yourself a favour and don't subscribe to this box. Customer service is awful and I haven't known a box to ship even remotely on-time. The owner always has excuses as to why she cannot fulfill her commitments to her customers. I had to file a credit card dispute and I was provided a full refund through my credit card company.

Tanya Nolti

on 12/29/2016