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The BAM! Box


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Spoiler Alert! The BAM! Horror Box January 2018 Franchises!

We want to deliver the ultimate mystery subscription box that reminds you of buying your first comic book or getting your first autograph or putting up your first Funko or collectible at your desk to proudly show off your geekdom. If you can bring back those awesome feelings month after month and get the greatest collectibles delivered to your door, we have done our job. Now, throw in autographs, limited edition items and exclusives, and we are just rubbing it in.

Shipping: $7.99 S/H

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7 weeks later...still waiting. What a joke. Complained on their Facebook and they deleted it.

Rob Wheeler

on 11/1/2017
More like SPAM box! Ugh. What a waste of time and money.

Gore Hound

on 2/5/2017