Taste Trunk: Sweet

Taste Trunk: Sweet


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Taste Trunk is a food subscription box service that's like sending a gourmet gift basket to you (or your favorite foodie) every month!

Pick a trunk from one of the company's themes, including this "sweet" box, "gourmet", "BBQ", and "health". Want to try them all? Taste Trunk has a tool to help you "customize" your subscription month to month.

Each box will include 4-5 confections, from brownies and cookies to sauces and baking ingredients. Yum!

Shipping: $5.99 (US only)

Listed in: Subscription Boxes for Food

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The 40% off is not working for me

Jessica McBrearty

on 9/24/2014
Liz can you use these codes for multiple boxes? Can I do a 40% off sweet and then a 40% off gourmet?

Jennifer Hughes

on 9/18/2014
Got my first sweet trunk today... Two popcorns and four tins of hard candy!!! Also got one box of average tasting caramels... Not very happy with this. If the gourmet trunk isn't any better, I am cancelling.

Ashley (PiqueintheBox)

on 6/28/2014