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Taste Guru is a monthly subscription box that specializes in gluten-free food. Every box is full of snacks and food items are all certified gluten-free. Word of caution - we've received multiple reports of customer care issues including boxes not shipping, and subpar boxes being shipped, so proceed with caution!

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Taste Guru was bought out and is now under another brand
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on 11/8/2015
This comment is based on their Customer Service and NOT on the actual products. I purchased a one-time gift for a friend and it took nearly 2 months to get it! They missed their deadline (15th of the month) both months. Forget calling --- the answering service loops until it either hangs up on you or you have to leave a message. I sent emails and typically got a response within 1-4 days. The responses were short with "it's in the mail" but I would follow up a couple of weeks later and I'd get "now it's in the mail" as apparently they forgot to actually do what they said they would. I got a $15 credit for my trouble but I'm still pretty disappointed. Now I understand why there's a caution at the top of this page talking about boxes not shipping. Heed the warning!!

Margot Suarez

on 10/2/2014
Bought a subscription on Black Friday and as a celiac chick I am loving it!!!

Katie Reaka Luberda

on 7/18/2014