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Switch is a luxury and designer jewelry rental service that lets you try out jewelry without the commitment. You pick your favorite pieces and try them out for as long as you want with a monthly fee; just send the box back when you're ready to try something new. Retail prices for the pieces average $500, and subscribers can purchase items at a discount.

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I'm super lazy, so I'm a big fan of Switch. With weddings and events of the like consuming every weekend of my life, the great selection and ease of the site help take the sting out of being bitter and single ;). Also, wearing high end jewels helps keep up the facade that I'm doing GREAT.

Taylor Braun

on 2/24/2017
Easy to use, amazing selection and great prices! So happy I discovered this!

Julia Motikov

on 2/22/2017
I hate wearing cheap looking jewelry and can't invest in a new piece for all of the events for work, weddings, etc... I can't keep up! Switch is the best for dressing up a boring outfit or making a dress really shine. The selection is great and the site is so easy to use - half the fun is in browsing for pieces!

Liz Melnitzky

on 2/16/2017